Audi Fashion Festival 2014 - Harper’s Bazaar Asia New Generation Fashion Designer Award

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Hi Huneybees,

Back in 2013, editors from Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand were at Bangkok International Fashion Week 2013 to choose the winner of the inaugural Harper’s Bazaar Asia New Generation Fashion Designer Award for finalists hailing from the four Southeast Asian countries.

Malaysia’s Harvee Kok took home the grand prize of a sponsored Master’s degree at Instituto Marangoni in London and also had his collections published in the four countries’ magazines. So, at the Audi Fashion Festival 2014, we got to see the 8 finalists send down their works (Spring Summer 2014 collection) on the runway of Harper’s Bazaar Asia New Generation Fashion Designer Award show . Everyone was as talented and it must have been a hard time judging for the winner!
Harvee Kok (Malaysia)
Naming his collection "Bipolarity", Harvee took inspiration from the game of weiqi, reflecting the black and white playing pieces, he used metallic beads on checkered texture fabrics. He presented new shapes and forms, giving the womenswear a touch of androgynous feel.

Peggy Hartanto (Indonesia) 

Peggy Hartanto’s “Unseen” was inspired by a series of X-ray floral photographs that revealed complex flower and leaf structures unseen by the naked eye. The dusky pink floral anatomy prints against the strong contrast of black and white, gave it all a romantic feel and the sheer panels peeking through the outfits, simply exude sexiness, covering just enough for "skin" to show off.

Teresa Lim (Singapore) 

This quirky styled illustrator left a deep impression on me, when I first met her at an event. Known as @Teeteeheehee , her illustrations are transformed into one of a kind fashion prints for her collection - “Lenina Gone Wild”.
She created a fictional character - Lenina and she appears in various versions - as a print or in interesting embroidered pieces. I love how the ends of threads give an undone feel to show off her handy work and the particular pink lips against the sky blue suit is simply must-have!

Wiruwan Nhuyung (Thailand) 
Wiruwan Nhuyung’s “En Garden” collection is simply every girl's dreams to be dressed in pretty flowers everyday. It's so dreamy and princessy as the 23-year-old designer presented her masterful handcut floral geometric patterns that easily surpasses machine laser cut. The sugary sweet outfits are paired with acrylic necklaces and sharp shoulder details, giving the collection a slight edge.

Sean Loh (Malaysia)  
Sean Loh's “A Thousand Kisses Deep” is inspired by Madame Butterfly. The Japanese fashion style and the tragic love of the opera sets the tone of his all-black collection. Hints of kimono, hakama pants with embroidered lace and textured polyester, gives the mysterious and sexy black collection a modern touch. The models were standing strong like Black Beauty...

Yahn Adam (Singapore)
Bring out thos gas mask and have a walk inside Singapore designer - Yahn Adam's head. “My Asylum” is a collection inspired by the instability state of mind during the designer's  admission in the hospital - PARANOIA, FEAR and ANXIETY.
This punk fashion line won my heart the moment the first model walked out. Clever use of combining dyed X-ray film material together with chain mail and distressed jeans, with splatters of blood is definitely for the strong, powerful women!

Jatupong Metula (Thailand)
Jatupong Metula brought his love for shiny things into his collection - "The Whispering". Taking inspiration from Phumin Temple in Nan province, Thailand and a legend from the province, he created a shiny  new collection together with local weaving pattern that his grandmother used to wear. The boxy silhouette against the sequins and traditional prints will definitely make every lady stand out.

Sheila Wijaya (Indonesia)
“Moonshine” was created through art plant photography and the mysterious, elegant figure of the High Priestess in the tarot card are what set that basis of the sihouettes in the collection. There was quite a bit of drama as the sweeping long pieces were presented. Every model looked so statuesque ...

So, what do you think of the collections?
Which one/s are your favourite?


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