A Must Have For The Selfie Lovers - Samsung NX mini

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Hi Huneybees,

Taking photos has become a habit of mine. I love capturing those treasured moments and reminisce about it as time goes by. And ever since I started sharing my makeup looks and blogging, I'm constantly taking selfies and I'm always on the lookout for good, light cameras that I can bring around with me, especially when I'm travelling.

*Rejoice* Samsung has launched the NX mini, which is the world's slimmest and lightest interchangeable lens camera. It's small and dainty, easy to carry around and it has plenty of lens selection for your needs!

Weighing at only 158g (body only), slim design (22.5mm) and a large 1 inch type 20.5 MP BSI CMOS Sensor, you can simply take high quality, professional photographers' shot with this little guy! You can slip it into your pockets easily and it is extremely useful when you take a selfie or rather wefie. 

It can be tiring when you are holding the usual camera for selfie/wefie as the timer counts down, but not for the Samsung NX mini. A simple tap on the screen will trigger the countdown or even detect the smile or wink mode to have your shots taken! It is THAT convenient!

And with the 75.2mmm (3.0 inch) Flip up and Touch Display that flips 180 degrees and with the ultra slim 9mm wide angle lens, you can easily frame yourselves into the group shots.

The camera features a solid premium metal body with a luxurious leatherette finish and with a selection of 4 colours (White, Pink, Mint Green and Brown), you fashionista-s can easily find out to suit your style.

With the signature modes in Samsung cameras, the Samsung NX mini can easily capture photos in even the lowest light situations, or even in beautifying you for the Instagram picture. Sharing is made easily with the advanced Wi-Fi and NFC integration

The exclusive Tag & Go connectivity allows the NX mini to pair with NFC-enabled devices, simply by touching the two together. 

Once paired, you can:
  • Select and transfer multiple images to the paired mobile devices through Mobile Link
  • Send images to up to 4 devices with Group Share, eliminating the time-consuming and repetitive process of sending pictures to multiple friends
  • Control the NX mini via a smartphone with Remote View Finder Pro
  • Use the camera as a Baby Monitor, when noise is detected, the paired smartphone is activated via an app, allowing parents to see if they need to attend to their child.


The only thing I'm not a liking upon first impression is the way you insert the battery. With a simple compartment on the side of the camera, you can insert the battery pack, the SD Card and charge the camera.

But the way the battery is being protected can be a little troublesome for me. After putting in the battery, you have to push the blue plastic tab down and lock it in. If in any case, the tab is spoilt, the compartment cant be closed, which means your battery will keep springing out. This will be a problem for me especially when I'm taking shots in a fashion show or concert. You want to be able to change the battery fast and this extra step might just hinder it. 

But despite that, I still fancy the colourful body and the vivid shots I can take with the Samsung NX mini. Nothing beats ease of travelling with style. I choose the mint green and hubby had the pink one to match his shirt. Which one would you pick?

The Samsung NX mini is now available in Singapore at a RRP of $549 (9mm lens, available in White only) and $649 (9-27mm lens, available in White, Pink, Mint Green and Brown) at all major consumer electronics stores and Samsung Experience Stores. The Samsung NX mini also comes bundled with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, which is valued at US$149.


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