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Hi Huneybees,

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Wait wait! Before you head out for your breakfast, why not spend a little more time taking care of your teeth? I know Singapore is the food paradise and delicious food hunts has been popping up everyday. But without good oral health, how are you going to enjoy them?

Well, did you know many of the iconic foods of Singapore are packed with ingredients that can contribute to an increased risk of oral complications like cavities, plaque and decay? Don't you want healthy teeth like Oral-B ambassador - Romeo Tan, so that you can enjoy the good food?

So kickstart your day with a little more time spent on brushing your teeth with a simple 3 step regimen of brushing, flushing and rinsing. Do it at least twice a day, alongside with a dentist visit every six month, you are set to go and you don't even have to sacrifice the sweeter things in life!

Oral-B has recently launched their new range of superior plaque solution products that can help you with the 3 step regimen. At the launch, Dr Daylene Leong (Dental Surgeon with Specialist Training in Periodontics, Specialist Dental Group) shared with us the right ways of brushing of teeth whilst we enjoyed a special brunch at Coffee Club.

The event was hosted by Fly Entertainment artiste - Vanessa Ann Vanderstraaten

So, here are the steps to taking care of your teeth with Oral-B...

Step One: Brush

 Oral-B Pro-Health Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush (S$8.90)

The bristles feature anti-bacterial bristle protection, so your toothbrush remains clean for up to 60 days. Together with the opposing direction CrissCross bristles, you can easily reach between the teeth to lift out and sweep away the plaque.

The Power Tip bristles also allows you to clean the hard-to-reach areas and the gum stimulators and round end bristles help massage the gums whilst being gentle to the teeth and gums to help reduce gingivitis.

Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Toothbrush (S$9.80)

This is the first and only toothbrush that has individual Pro-Flex sides and can adjust to the unique contours of your teeth and gums, removing 93% of plaque in hard-to-reach areas and up to 34% more plaque along the gum line.

It also has the Power Tip bristles and round end bristles to be gentle on your teeth and gums.

Step Two: Floss

 Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Floss (S$6.50)

Everyone is familiar with the floss. It helps to get in between those teeth, with 90% more micro textures surface area, you can get rid more. It comes in a cool mint flavour, so you can have a refreshing and clean sensation after flossing.

Step Three: Floss

 Oral-B Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse (S$12.50)

Then, complete the regimen with a rinse that can protect your teeth up to 12 hours, preventing and reducing plaque buildup, fights bad breath and germs and not having the burn of alcohol!

You can get more information about Oral-B at http://www.oralb/com/en-SG.
Have a great week ahead and I shall leave you with pictures of our delicious brunch that day...

Appetizer  - Medley of Eggs with Turkey Bacon, Smoked Salmon Roll, Sausage & Mushroom.
Main Course - Japanese Miso Chicken with Hash Potato, Otah Ball, Chicken Siew Mai and Cherry Tomato Confit.
Dessert - Chocolate Coffer with Lemongrass Ice Cream, Rich Chocolate Cremeux, Tangy Pineapple Chutney, Coconut Crumble and Coulis.

Remember to brush your teeth after meals too!


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