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Hi Huneybees,

Me-In™ - the Korean lifestyle online store has officially launched recently. With fashion trends  for the "It" girl in every occasion, you can look your best and gain confidence in everything you do. Always ready for the challenges that lie ahead of her demanding and high-paced lifestyle each day. Me-In™ is here to help the modern woman to achieve this effortlessly.

The logo Me-In™, pronounced as “Mi – In” in Korean encompasses:
  • 美IN Inner Beauty
  • 美人Beautiful People
  • 美引Leading Fashion Forward

Hyejin KIM
Creative Director
Hyejin Kim has worked in the Korean online shopping mall industry for the past nine years. Her experience coincides with the initial rise in popularity of online shopping in Korea during the early 2000’s. During this period, Hyejin has worked as a freelance model with many of the largest and most popular Korean online brands. 

She has also worked as an assistant casting director for several popular Korean commercials. Finally, early in her career, Hyejin worked as an assistant stylist at one of the first Korean online shopping malls, where she learned the ins and outs of basic operations.

Hyejin Kim, together with her stylist, Song-yee Gil, has put together visuals for the shoppers to visualize the complete outfits with matching accessories for that right look. Shopping at Me-In™ is a head-to-toe experience and unique in its own way. It's as though you are shopping through a LookBook.

At the launch, we previewed the different looks for work and play. 6 Korean models were flown in and they were dressed from head-to-toe in clothings and accessories from I just came back from Korea and the ladies there really dress up everyday. Their office wear is not your usual black and white and when it comes to a date out, their would go for the effortless look, whilst they get all glam-ed up for the night out.




See! Told you Me-In can get your ready for all occasions! And before you start logging in and go do some online shopping, here's an introduction the the models...

KIM Minyoung
DOB: 1 September 1991

Minyoung is a student at Incheon National University where she is studying Theater and Film. She made her debut by winning a model contest for a Korean beauty drink called Miero Fiber. Minyoung has also filmed a commercial for LG’s Optimus line of LTE mobile phones. In her free time, Minyoung enjoys listening to music and watching Korean TV shows.

DOB: 27 November 1988

Nari has worked as a freelance model for a variety of Korean online shopping malls since she turned 18. During university, she studied computer science. Last year, Nari came in second in a model contest sponsored by a major Korean online game company.In her free time, she enjoys hiking, golf and snowboarding.

SUN Jiwon
DOB: 5 February 1986

Jiwon has worked as a model at Dahong, a leading Korean online shopping mall, since 2006. She studied law during university and is contemplating a career as a lawyer in the future. In her free time, Jiwon enjoys cooking and spending time with friends.

LEE Miseon
DOB: 29 April 1986

Miseon has worked as a model since 2005. She has also had minor roles in several Korean dramas and movies. Recently, Miseon has been focusing on modeling engagements in China. In her free time, Miseon enjoys giving and receiving nail art. She is also a pet lover and raises two dogs at home.

LEE Hyunjung
DOB: 4 July 1991

Hyunjung has worked as a freelance model since middle school. Last year, she came in third place in a beauty contested hosted on a Korean cable TV channel. The contest was only for those with natural beauty. In her free time, she enjoys making scented candles and diffusers.

KIM Siyeon
DOB: 21 October 1991

Siyeon began her model career two years ago. Before that, she was a member of a Korean girl group. During her brief music career, she performed live on Korea’s most popular music channel (called Mnet). In her free time, Siyeon enjoys cooking and traveling. She also lives an active lifestyle and enjoys a variety of sports.

At the launch we also spotted Diana Ser with her husband James Lye amongst the invited guests...

Okok! Now you can go shopping!
Have fun!


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