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Hi Huneybees,

What happens if a frat house moves into a new neighbourhood, right next to a young couple, who just had their baby? With Zac Efron & Seth Rogan locked at loggerheads, fighting head to head in the latest movie - Bad Neighbours, this comedy would set you off on a non-stop laughing trip and still talking about it days after.

Knowing this movie is made by the people behind "This is the End" & "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", you guys are definitely in for a ROFL good time! My stomach was aching so badly when I left the cinema, there wasn't a moment's break from all the laughing.

The main element of the show has got to be Rogan's big, fatty, dorky image against Efron's super hot model physique. Not only has Efron grown into such a hottie, but just like what Rogan said in the movie, "His body is like a giant arrow pointing to his d**k".

The story begins with Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne), a young couple settling down into their new neighbourhood with their baby, Stella. Everything seems peaceful, if not a little mundane at first, until a fraternity moves in next door! Mac and Kelly promise the Frat President Teddy (Zac Efron) that they won’t make any noise complaints as long as Teddy promises to keep the noise down a little… Of course that doesn’t happen and what follows is an all out war between the neighbours, that turns out into 360° madness!

But in my opinion, the biggest star of the movie has got to be baby Stella. She had a ton of expressions up her sleeves, I bet it wasn't an easy feat capturing that moment, but her cuteness has the whole cinema going "Awww...." whenever she is on screen. She will definitely make a very beautiful actress in future and you guys have to watch till the end, where she will be dressed up as characters in the movie. Totally wana pinch on her cheeks!

So pop on by the cinemas this holiday to get a good laughing.
Do note that this movie is R21, there are profanities and adult scenes ~


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