Watch The Online Celebrity YouTube Series - So You Think You Can Fly With iFly Singapore On 29th May 2014

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Hi Huneybees,

I've always loved the idea of being able to fly, soar high above the clouds and fly together with the birds. Do you? Well, with iFly Singapore's state of the art wind tunnel, we can fulfill that dream!

And as iFly Singapore turns 3, they have launched a charity initiative that will see 5 local personalities - Randall Tan (Actor), Hayley Woo (Actress), May (Former Model and MTV VJ), Dr Jia Jia (YouTube Star) and Munah (YouTube Star from MunahHirzi) compete for $35,000 worth of cash and prizes for their selected beneficiaries on YouTube. 

The online celebrity YouTube series - So You Think You Can Fly,  is the first reality series regarding indoor skydiving in the world. It will follow 5 Singaporean celebrities and YouTube stars transition from novice indoor skydivers into proficient flyers, as they compete to win SG$35,000 worth of cash and prizes for the selected charities.

They will be going up against each other in a series of competitive rounds in the grand finale on the 24th June 2014 with the grand champion walking away with the cash prize of SG$10,000. In addition, all charities will secure $5,000 worth of flight time for the benefit of their members or caregivers of the non-profit organisations.
The personalities and their selected beneficiaries are: 
  • Randall Tan (Singapore Cancer Society)
  • Hayley Woo (Club Rainbow)
  • May (Lupus Association Singapore)
  • Dr Jia Jia (Children Cancer Foundation, World Vision International and Save Our Street Dogs)
  • Munah (Happy People Helping People)

At the So You Think You Can Fly launch, iFly's very own youth ambassadors - Team Firefly (Kyra Poh and Choo Yi Xuan, aged 11& 12) and Team Awesome (iFly Singapore’s top instructors, Kristopher Reynold and Joshua Tay, aged 34 & 32), came together to give us an awesome performance of bodyflight, indoor skydiving.

Team Firefly made history as the first team from Singapore to receive the silver medal in the “Dynamic 2-way” category at the Bodyflight World Challenge 2014, held over 4th and 5th April 2014 in Bedford, United Kingdom. Both teams competed in both the “Dynamic 2-way” and “2 way Freefly – Open” categories which Team Firefly also finished a credible fifth place, while Team Awesome also managed a respectable eighth place in the “2-way Freefly – open” category.

And prior to the launch, Managing Director and Founder of iFly Singapore - Lawrence Koh, attempted to set a new Guinness World Record for Longest Indoor Freefall; the most time spent constantly flying in a wind tunnel. 
The previous record stood at 4 hours and 2 minutes. Mr Koh was with iFly Singapore’s Chief Instructor and Trainer, Mr Kristopher Reynolds, in the attempt. Both men re-set the record at 4 hours 22 minutes and 20 seconds. The record attempt was made in a bid to raise additional awareness and funds for the selected beneficiaries through the So You Think You Can Fly campaign. Lawrence Koh and Kristopher Reynolds successfully raised an additional $2,000 worth of cash from their Guinness World Record attempt, a kind donation made by Mr Tan Wang Cheow.
Another surprise, was also the appearance of Hayley Woo and Munah. Not only did they share about the training process and the competition, they also performed a little number for us, giving us a sneak peek as to what to expect in the YouTube series...

So, aren't you excited to catch the series? Be sure to catch the first episode to the world’s first indoor skydiving reality series, premiering on 29 May 2014! Watch it here:

Follow their journey, through sweat and tears.

Who will conquer the challenges of indoor skydiving?

Who will emerge victorious?

Watch the videos to find out!

And if you are interested to find out more about iFly Singapore, you can get more information at their website - I shall leave you here with more photos and video of the skydivers that night. Have fun flying!


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