[What's New] Quit Being A CHECK-Aholic With The Newly Improved Kotex Luxe & Kotex Soft & Smooth Ultrathin

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Hi Huneybees,

Everyone always tell me that they dread those few days every month, they feel so uncomfortable, so insecure and they tend to stay home. They become so scared of staining their clothes, do not dare to wear white and have become CHECK-aholics, just to make sure they do not "make a fool" of themselves.

Why? Why? Why? These monthly visits are inevitable, why torture yourselves over it? I always say  everything boils down to their choice of sanitary pads. Once you get it right, you can simply go about your usual routines without worries.

Just like mobile phones, the pads are getting bigger and longer, but the most important factor is the absorption feature. As long as the discharge get absorbed fast enough, you can simply feel dry and comfortable all day long!

Say hi to Kotex Luxe and Kotex Soft & Smooth Ultrathin. They are the new and improved sanitary pads from Kotex that promises 3 times faster absorption power. All thanks to the New Honeycomb Liquid Locker and the New Rapid Absorb Core, they can absorb faster and rapidly lock away excess fluid.

At the launch event, we were shown how different the pads are from the Singapore's leading brand in ultrathin sanitary pads. I bet you guys will be as surprised as me.

Here's a demo by Joey Peralta, Head of Research & Development for ASEAN, Kimberly-Clark. The liquid is made to stimulate the discharge, but if you are afraid of blood, you might want to see my other blog posts. :)

These 2 pads look almost similarly thin, but look what happens when 3 layers of the red liquid is dropped on them simultaneously....

Straight after dropping the liquid on the pads, tissues were laid onto and equivalent weights were pressed on. The tissue that was on Brand X's pad was still stained whilst the Kotex one is not. This goes to show, you can feel comfortable and dry all day long with no worries at all. I did the demo for myself and you can see from the photos, how fast the absorption is...

At the event, Viola Tan (co-founder of Love, Bonito) also shared the white outfits from her label. She shared about how to wear white and look good for everyday, from work to play. See how these ladies from Kimberly-Clark wear them. :)

I was more interested in the makeup demo by Andrea Claire (founder of AClaire Beauty) though. She has worked with several magazines and she shared her tips with us.

Tackling the cateye liner can be tricky and especially more so when the trend now is to add a fresh new pop of colour to the peepers. How to do it well and fuss-free? Either have a business card or scotch tape. Simply line them up with your bottom eyeline, even if you exceed the line, when you peel off the tape, you get a perfect straight line!

Then to make the eyes more awake, have a thin black eyeline nearer to your lashline and don't forget your upper lash line.

Tadah! The perfect colour eyeliner!
Another trick Andrea shared, was red glittery lips. It is high maintenance to have it throughout the night, but if you get it right, it is super gorgeous.

To get it, line your lips and fill it in with the lipliner, then have the perfect shade of red lipstick to go with your skintone all over your lips. The trick to get the red glitter to stick to your lips is to pat your lip brush with some lip gloss and pick up those glitter, slowly pat them on your lips till you get those puckers all glittery.

If you have glitter fallouts, simply use the scotch tape to tape them up. The lips are done easily and you can go ahead party on, but on problem is that, you can't eat with those lips though.... :X

I can totally quit being a CHECK-aholic with the  all new and improved Kotex Luxe and Kotex Soft & Smooth Ultrathin. I hope you ladies will like them too. Here's to comfy days!

The Kotex Luxe and Kotex Soft & Smooth Ultrathin has an average price of $5.95* per pack and is available at all leading hyper/supermarkets and personal care stores across Singapore.

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