[Digital Fashion Week 2014] Top 5 Favourites From The Singapore Fashion Design Schools Show

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Hi Huneybees,

Singapore's Digital Fashion Week has been revolutionizing the industry and helping local designers in the process by streaming live to anywhere in the world, giving Singaporean designers greater exposure. 

At this year's DFW, 11 students from local design schools - NAFA, Raffles Design Institute and LASALLE School of the Arts, presented their works on the runways on Day 2 of DFW. Each of them unique in their own styles and it was amazing seeing the student works surpassing some of those brands out there.

You can see each school had different directions for the students and I love the varsity of it. Some of them were more into the technicality, whilst some were into creating new silhouettes, playing with different fabrics and styles.

I have a few favourite designers from the show and have picked out my top 5 choices. Here they are:

1. Hafizah from LASALLE

Hafizah has taken the silk turban to a new level, matching it with flow-y pieces and edgy perspex necklaces, empowering the ladies with a sense of mystery and "fierceness". I liked how she thinks that "every woman is like a present; and the best presents are the ones that are carefully wrapped".

2. Ketty Yeo From NAFA

We need colours in our lives! Sometimes when you have the usual black and white, a fresh pop of colour excites the vision. Ketty does it with her collection - Windows of the Heartland, showcasing the colourful and diversify public housing architecture of Lion City. Everyone were whispering that they would love to have the netted bags that the models were holding, including me! :P

3. Nurul Farihin Izzan From NAFA

With the Asia's Next Top Model - Sheena Liam Wearing her piece on the runway, how can you skip on this amazing designer? First, the styling with the headpiece already captured our attention as her models walk down the runway. 

My favourite is the bronze ensemble. Though it is said that the collection is a result of mixing metallic sporty fabrics with martial arts and samurai, the bronze ensemble reminded me of metal whilst in its melting liquid form, giving the strong feminine power a touch of softness, in its comfortable silhouette.

4. Grace Frederika Tjhai from NAFA

Bring on some swag at the sports with Grace's collection. The cute varsity looking outfits inspired bu the 50's bowling culture add on so much youth and colour to the local fashion scene, highlighting a classic leisure activity to the new generation of fashionistas, definitely in style with the sports fashion trend.

5. Yunita From Raffles Design Institute

Yunita's favourite use of extreme organic and geometric art is added with the traditional Taiko drummers' costume to give this amazingly dark collection. I love how the sparkly blue fabric does a peek-a-boo as the models walked past, adding to the sense of mystery. The leathery gloves are definitely an add-on!

So, there you have it. That's my top 5 favourite. Below are also the other designers' works....

Allegra Lee from LASALLE

Shi Wen from LASALLE

Erica Devi Handika from NAFA

Kok Sheng Kit from NAFA

Winnie Leong from Raffles Design Institute

Iven Teh from Raffles Design Institute

So, who are your favourites? Do share! :)

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