RISIS Makes It Special With New Christmas 2014 Collections

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Hi Huneybees,

My love for accessories started way way back and one brand that I always remember is RISIS. Their signature gold orchids were like a sign to eternal classic beauty and it was like every girl's dream to own one.

Last week, I was at a celebratory event at RISIS, Marina Bay Sands. We played dress up that night with their newly launched Christmas Collections 2014 as well as getting fashion tip from celebrity stylist -  Keith Png on how to work those nifty jewellery, going from day to night...

Designer Ming, introducing the 3 new collections to us.
But before I proceed, let me introduce to you the 3 new collections first - LUNA, ENDLESS SPRING and Moonlight Dance. You can get the whole package, ranging from earrings, to bracelets and necklaces. Prices from $80-$230.

As a continuation from the orchids, the LUNA collection draws inspiration from the bright moonlight, falling against the glow on the wearer's face in a night of reunion and celebration. A 5 petal moon orchid is used to symbolize a timeless bond that has again come full circle.

Available in necklace, slider, bracelet and earrings form, the LUNA collection is handcrafted in 925 silver and plated with gold or rhodium, with a Swarovski Pearl, Rose Quartz or Green Calcite encased in the core of the orchid. This is the first time, RISIS has done a collection with precious gem encased t the core of the orchids, it would make a lovely collection to have. :)

ENDLESS SPRING sees a collection of 12 different necklaces, each representing a month with a special flower and Swarovski crystal birthstone. The collection is handcrafted in bronze and plated in gold, with lots of research put into each birth-flower. This would make such lovely gifts and I fell in love with them, that I bought 1 for mumsie. Hehehehe... :)

The 3rd collection - Moonlight Dance, was highly loved by Keith Png himself. It's a simple, minimalistic collection that goes well with everything. Inspired by the humble rice grain that spread over terraces all across Asia, this collection includes a bangle, necklace, pendant and earrings.

So, no onto the fashion tips from Keith. The very first thing you have to do is to determine whether you are warm skin toned or cool skin toned. To do so, place a piece of white paper next to your skin, under white light and check out your veins. If veins that are mainly blue are a sign of cool tones, while green veins are a hint that you are warm toned. And that's also whether gold or silver suits you better. Gold for the warm toned whilst silver for the cool toned.

So, if you are warm toned, and dressed in the usual black, you can always add on a gold necklace to make you stand out and not forgetting to layer on those bracelets. And when it gets overly gold, you can sneak in a little silver and have it paired with your watch, have everything all in one hand. 

Another that I think is a clever must have would be this slider necklace from the LUNA collection. Having the orchid pendant stopping at different points of your body, draws attention to different parts of your body. Be it at your lovely clavicle, chesty asset or your sexy little waist, you can easily "slide" your attention to it.

And if you have this long necklace, with the help of a brooch, it can easily go from a layered necklace to a belt, allowing you to go from day to night without having to bring extras... :)

For day, you can simply have the Moonlight Dance collection to pair with your usual black outfit for work. These little rice grain-like pendants and earrings, add attention to your look as they move with grace... :)

And when after work, you have plans to hang out with your friends, don't be shy to pile them on. layer your necklaces, layer those bracelets and don't forget those rings too! There's nothing as too much in this case. Hehehehe!

There's also a very interesting collection going on and I'm particularly in love with this "Angsana necklace" designed by Anita Kapoor. This is a special collaboration between 5 Singapore personalities to celebrate Singapore's 50th.

This is a series of five handcrafted, limited-edition pendants, each associated with an aspect of the nation’s history: architecture, the arts, business, travel and food, as seen through the eyes of five eminent local storytellers - Dr Kiat W Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Gardens by the Bay and Advisor to National Parks Board; Mr Dick Lee, music director and composer; Ms Anita Kapoor, international travel host; Ms Trina Liang, President of United Nations Women National Committee Singapore; and Dr Leslie Tay, founder of popular food blog ieatishootipost.sg.

Left: RISIS's second commemorative pendant "Mad in Singapore" inspired by Mr Dick Lee.
RISIS's frst commemorative pendant "City in Bloom" inspired by Dr Kiat W Tan. 
The storytellers series will be released in stages, I can't wait to see what Ms Trina Liang and Dr Leslie Tay have in mind.... The pendants are retailing at $50 each and is available at RISIS stores, counters, and website. All proceeds will go towards helping more than 300,000 beneficiaries supported by Community Chest.

Another surprise is that each packaging box depicts Singapore’s iconic landmarks and when all five boxes are placed side by side, they present a visual narration of Singapore’s changing skyline over the last five decades! It will definitely be a collection worth keeping and passed down. 

More details can be found on the RISIS website - www.risis.com or their Facebook page - www.facebook/risis.official.

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