[Digital Fashion Week 2014] 83 Years Old Carmen Dell'Orefice Closes The Show For MAX.TAN

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Hi Huneybees,

Have you been catching the LIVE streaming of Digital Fashion Week 2014? The opening night left such a great impression as we all saw the world's oldest working model (83 years old) - Carmen Dell'Orefice, gracefully did her walk for Singapore label - MAX.TAN.

Being one of Singapore’s emerging fashion designers, Max Tan has always stuck with to his androgynous, minimalistic style. concentrating on defined aesthetic. Within a short span of 4 years, his works have been around the world - From Copenhagen to Kuwait and Taiwan.

And on 31 October, we had first glimpse of his Spring/Summer 2015 collection, breaking the monotone black and white with shocking pink and neon yellow, breathes fresh pop of colours for next year. His oversized coats gave that quirky rounded silhouette, taking "big is good" to a whole new level. 

Not forgetting the styling for the collection. Though the head harness might seem a little S&M-ish, but when paired with the round shades and pink lips, I am totally digging the look and encourage you guys to try it out when you are going for special events!

It was then transcended into the black outfits, but with the yellow accents, the usual black stern office wear is given a twist and I bet you will feel happier when wearing that in your usual busy work day. One that I think must-get would be the shirtdress that is so comfortable and it looks as though you have been layering your clothes, wearing a jacket over a dress.  LOVE IT!!!

My ultimate favourite has to be the shocking pink pieces, (told ya I love my colours!) With that you will just stand out and be the center of party easily. And with Carmen Dell'Orefice parading in the final piece, you know it suits all ages!

So, back to Carmen, her walk was so graceful, so paraded around the runway, letting us having great opportunity to see her outfit, working it and with her gracious nods and waves, she's definitely one lady to look up to! Everyone should age like her. HEHEHEHE.... 

Do stay tuned to Huney'Z World for more of the runway shows!
You can pre-order select looks from the Max Tan Spring Summer 2015 catwalk shows now at invertededge.com/pr/invertededge-dfw.
The Digital Fashion Week 2014 runs from October 31 to Nov 1, 2014. Catch the live streaming of the catwalk shows at www.digitalfashionweek.com. Follow Digital Fashion Week on Twitter at @DigitalFashWeek https://twitter.com/DigitalFashWeek and Instagram at @DigitalFashionWeek http://instagram.com/DigitalFashionWeek for more updates.


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