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Hi Huneybees,

I'm always a fan of the arts. Being an  art student, I never cease to surround myself around artworks, be it at home or at work. I believe a good piece of work evokes emotions and is a good way to get conversations starting.

The 2nd Edition Bank Art Fair sees art appreciators checking in at Pan Pacific Hotel this weekend. From November 20 to November 23 2014, the welcoming hotel rooms at Pan Pacific Hotel will be transformed into intimate viewing art galleries for the Bank Art Fair. 

Not only will you be able to view the art pieces, you can even get the chance to speak with some of the artists present, get to know more about the works that you fall in love with, before walking home with them. Simply pop into the rooms on Level 7 and 8...

You can find art pieces from contemporary to the traditional life drawings, to cater to your liking. For me, I have a passion for the unique ones that will stand out, looking at the executed techniques and the inspiration behind the works. So here's some that I really fell in love with and you guys have to go check them out...

Ashok Jain Gallery

Their eye for strong artworks is extremely flattering. Just within the rooms, I have already fallen in love with several works. One is the highly recommended works of Sidharth. He is a monk who have been learning the arts since young and his works are all painted with natural pigments that he makes. I love the expressions on his drawings, it's so peaceful and calm to look at, something that resonates with the monastery....

The Lover and The Bountyfull by Sidharth.
Another is the works of Elling Reitan from Norway. He has this uncanny love for the Ying and Yang, his signature  pair in black and white was first painted in 1983,  to create depth- and perspective effects. Today the stroke pair has found its natural place in all of Elling Reitans’s works against the strong bold colours he uses that I bet will brighten everyone's day.

Huang Sculptures

Though Mr KY Huang's artist/sculptor life began late, you should pick on his brain and have a chat with him. This true blue Singaporean has hit bumps on his journey to discover sculpturing, but it's also this that "moulded" his skills to creating these life-like works. I bet you guys would know who this is....


This piece from a Russian artist caught my attention as I walked into the room. But overlooking the bed were more beautiful realistic drawings across S.E.A by Irina Gagarina. Her bold use of colours and thestrokes of light and dark, was almost as though I was in Bali or looking at photographs!


This Thailand based art gallery is definitely for those looking for unpcoming artists who have something to say with their works, who are not afraid to "shout out" their opinions.

This piece of a red skull might seem normal when viewed straight on but when you go closer and see it from an angle, this play on the visual of pop up red zebras is so fun. It kinda reminded me of Mona Lisa's painting, where her eyes trails with you no matter which angle you look at.

Damina Gallery

Featuring artists from all over the world, you can find Italian artist - Maurizio Balducci's works as well as French artist - Romain Roger's paintings here. But I guess it's these aged Louboutins encased in resin cube by Vinc from Switzerland, that got everyone curiously popping their heads in. I bet this would be the best to have in fashionista homes. :)

But the true treasure here is the piece named 'Geisha' by Joel Moens de Hase from Belgium. His photo mosaic piece is so gorgeously pieced together, you have to go real close to find out the many thousands of photos used to make this portrait. He definitely has an amazing eye!


You can find Shin Cheol's paintings here. His works may seem a little simple and kiddish, but it's also this style that got him on the cover of several magazines. This 2D flat style reminds us of going back to basics in this crazy 3D world...

Taw Win Art Gallery

Featuring the works of Myanmar artist - Ngwe Phyoe, stepping into the room, one is immediately transported to Myanmar through his strong drip paint realistic paintings. This technique has been used by Jack Pollock on his abstract paintings but Ngwe Phyoe has upped the game and used it on realism. This is a time consuming technique and I am totally in awed for his talent and works.

Do, Tae Keun

Professor Do Tae-Keun's ironworks makes metal seem so vulnerable. These series showcased is a smaller collection from his iron installations. The way he manipulate iron is so beautiful and I could stand there for hours admiring the pieces from all angles, each time evoking different views and perspectives.

Art Space H

Maybe it's because I grew up dabbling with metal works. These stainless steel pieces by Kwon Chi-Gyu themed 'Resilience' in different seasons, brings a little bit of nature to your homes. Nature made from metal, makes one wants to love and adore the Nature more, yet having us to press on in times of under pressure.


You can find prints of Mijin Kim and Kyungwoo Bae here. Mijin's works reflect the beauty of life and death, making you look into your souls and value your life more with her cartoonistic style of digital print.

Whilst Kyungwoo's photographs locks up time in a capsule, whilst displaying the play of ink in water, reminding us that everything changes as you let time go by, be sure to make good use of your time.

Sound Of Nature

Bringing in the Spring time with the works of Lee, Sung Ok. Stainless steel works of the nature, she aims to show nature in its most long standing, frozen position to withstand corrosion, so that it is always reminding us to be kind to Nature as we see ourselves reflected in the works. Though a certain piece might remind us of the snitch from Harry Potter, I'm still in love with the intricate cuts on the dragonfly wings...

Llahn Jewellery

These fine pieces of jewelleries created by Llahn were extremely intricate and well thought. Working around the precious gems, she breaks from symmetry and designs her pieces so they work cohesively. Each ring can be worn individually or paired up to be worn on the same finger.

My favourite piece has to be this pair of earrings. The ruby embedded in the zoisite makes it as though the ruby were painted on. Paired with non symmetrical multi-coloured sapphires, this classical pair of earrings can be paired for your every occasion.

These cushions are also designed by Llahn. She's also a fellow lover of colours! :)

So, here's a few of my recommendations. There's even more hidden treasures for you to find when you check in to Pan Pacific Hotel this weekend. Do share your favourites too! :)

The Bank Art Fair:
Location: Pan Pacific Hotel, Level 7 and 8
Dates: November 21 – 23, 2014
Time: 1pm to 8pm

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