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Don't Go Breaking My Heart <<单身男女2 >> is back with a sequel since 2011. At the end of the first movie, we see the female lead Cheng Zixin 程子欣 (Gao Yuanyuan 高圓圓) choosing Martian guy - Fang Qihong 方啟宏 (Daniel Wu 吳彥祖) over the playboy - Cheung Shen Ren 張申然 (Louis Koo 古天樂). So, with this latest installment, 2 more new characters - Yang Yang Yang 楊鴦鴦 (Miriam Yeung 楊千嬅) and Paul 程子建 (Vic Chou 周渝民) have been added and now this has created a complicated and funny 5 way love triangle romantic comedy.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 marks the 13th film Johnnie To (杜琪峯) and Wai Ka-Fai (韋家輝) have collaborated on and I must say this chemistry is really working. I love the flow of the movie and how much "resemblance" to the previous installment. Office relationships or rather across building relationship is still being carried out, a certain pet is still being used and the story still began with what you would call a beautiful mistake. 

Long story short, Yang Yang and Shen Ren, the big players in the stock market industries, met each other from across the street and they falls in love. But the story takes a turn when Zixin joined Yang's company, revealing this old flame to Shen Ren again. So who goes with who?

Then in comes Paul, Zixin's brother who falls in love with Yang. Honestly, I would have chosen Paul, but OMG! that look totally did not work out well for Vic Chou. This ex-F4 member is totally plumped up and looked so disheveled. Sorry, those dreamy eyes are not sending anymore electricity vibes....

Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 would make a good movie to pass time, spend some time with the boyfriend or hubby. But I guess they might not enjoy it as much as you do, the fact the guys were being stereotyped. I give the movie a 3 out of 5 stars rating. One sentence to sum up the movie: Funny yet corny. Oh! And I bet you guys would be singing to the songs non-stop or even craving for a KTV session after that...

I don't want to overshare here but here's a simple who's who as well as what the actors have to say...

Cheung Shen Ren 張申然 (Louis Koo 古天樂)
Not only is Cheung a hotshot investment banker, he is also a top rock climber in Asia. Even though he falls quickly in love with Yang, he is unable to change his libertine ways, creating space for the third person Paul. Cheung decides to be a better man, but his plans falter when his old flame Cheng comes back into the picture. 

Yang Yang Yang  楊鴦鴦 (Miriam Yeung 楊千嬅)
A maverick in contrarian investing, “Goddess of Stocks” Yang Yang Yang is regarded by Cheng Zixin as a career idol. She is very much in love with Cheung, but with the romantic and devoted Paul by her side, she finds it hard to choose between the two. 

 Cheng Zixin 程子欣 (Gao Yuanyuan 高圓圓)
A lovely and charming woman, Cheng is happily engaged to Fang Qihong. Things turn complicated when she joins her career idol Yang’s company as
senior analyst and unexpectedly runs into her old flame Cheung Shen Ren.

Paul 程子建 (Vic Chou 周渝民)
Paul moved to Hong Kong from France to further his design career and lives on a luxury yacht. A romantic free spirit, he begins a feverish pursuit of Yang. Madly in love, he never gives up and is always by her side. 

Fang Qihong 方啟宏 (Daniel Wu 吳彥祖)
Debonair and talented, Fang is currently committed to growing his architecture business in Mainland China. When he finds out that his fiancée Cheng still has feelings for Cheung, he decides to take up the challenge against Cheung again.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 《单身男女2》in cinemas 13th November!
Available at GV Suntec, GV Vivocity, GV Tiong Bahru, GV Yishun and Filmgarde Bugis. 

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