[What's New] Getting All Styled Up For Beckham

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Hi Huneybees,

So, what does one do when going to see football sensation - David Beckham? DRESS UP! I head down to MONSOON at Novena Square early to see Joanne and got her to help me style my hair for this dreamy man...

As usual, I had a relaxing shampoo moment and got my hair straightened. Then fun part comes next...

I leave my hair to Joanne to style however she liked and she used a new technique that she just learnt. What was it? I was curious coz she first had my hair parted and tied a ponytail with the rest. Then she released my parting and starting braiding, so I was like "Oh! Waterfall braiding?".

"No way hosay!" This was definitely another level from that. See the final "artpiece"! I had my hair braided and then pulled back and ended with a flower bun. How she did it?! I was totally in love with it and I couldn't bear to remove that night. I kept asking my hubby to take more pictures. You have to see the top, the back, the sides. OMG! It was gorgeous 360°!

If you have a function to attend, be sure to head down to Monsoon Hair House in Novena Square and make an appointment with Joanne! :)

Monsoon @ Novena Square 
Add: 238 Thomson Road
Tel: +65 6333 5586

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