Glow From Within With The Gift Of Premium CADBURY GLOW

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Hi Huneybees,

I woke up craving for chocolates! Little chocolate pralines that I can pop into my mouth with the cholatey surprise within, oozing out, filling my mouth with sweetness. I know, I know, this is not a healthy thing but 'coz the night before I had these little purple treats from Cadbury, I can't help wanting more...

The CADBURY GLOW is the all new premium chocolate offering from Cadbury. Birth from the concept of that ‘forgotten’ joy of seeing loved ones smile and 'glow' from receiving a thoughtful gift, CADBURY GLOW is here for you to send that one gift from the heart to your loved ones.

Packaged in a beautiful gold and purple treasure chest that glows from the inside out, each of this luxurious chocolate praline is crafted in Europe and has a chocolatey filling that would leave a precious feeling. Biting into each of these is simply indulgence...

And for the added surprise, you can even customise a video with your name and selected photos of you and the person you are sending the CADBURY GLOW to. Time it with that moment and the recipient will be getting this lovely video via a link on their mobiles.

To do so, simply go to and follow through the instructions. I bet your friends and families would be touched by this additional add to the lovely chocolates.

Well, with FLY entertainment artiste and CADUBURY GLOW ambassador - George Young endorsing it, how can you miss it? George is an avid chocolate lover, huge fan of Cadbury chocolates and is excited to be a part of the Cadbury Glow campaign. This filial boy is always bringing up his mother at every event I see him, he simply glows whenever he mentions about her love for him. :)

There is a pop up surprise booth at Vivocity and if you purchase your CADBURY GLOW there, you can get this specially designed gift bag along with your purchase. Otherwise, the Cadbury Glow chocolate gift sets is already available at major supermarkets and convenience stores across Singapore. CADBURY GLOW comes in (160g for 16 pieces at $9.90) and (240g for 24 pieces at $14.90). They would make the perfect gift this Christmas too ~

 For more information, go to

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