Latest brand to wash up our shores - Hong Kong Lifestyle Label Goods of Desire

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Nearly 16 years since the brand’s founding, Hong Kong lifestyle label Goods of Desire is finally ready to take its show on the road and bring a slice of the eclectic city-state to international audiences. With operations set to commence at the end of June, the brand’s first flagship store outside of Hong Kong will be nestled along the iconic Singapore River. Occupying a total retail floor area of more than 6,000 square feet at Central in Clarke Quay, the upcoming project will effectively be Goods of Desire’s fourth-largest store.

The Goods of Desire Mission
To define and create a new Asian identity through the delivery of a globally recognized lifestyle and furniture brand.

The Goods of Desire Ideology
Fusing the traditional and the modern, Goods of Desire combines past and present Asian culture, pioneering the future of lifestyle retailing with cutting edge designs. We aim to show that the techniques and wisdom of past generations in the East still have a place in the future. Drawing inspiration from the condensed urban jungles and serene rural environments which populate Asia while blending in a uniquely cultural sense of humour has made many of our products modern-day design icons.

Behind these products is a highly creative and energetic in-house team of designers; never outsourcing products from trade fairs, they ensure that the essence of the Goods of Desire brand is never diluted. We aim to send out a consistent message as a reassurance of the brand’s values in everything we touch. Our designers capitalize on the fact that genuine craftsmanship can still be accessed locally by commissioning some of the world’s best fabrics such as silk, linen, ceramics, and solid wood.

By giving these craftspeople modern designs while still honouring the tradition of their skills, Goods of Desire creates products that possess a very real, very human quality to them. We have proven ourselves to be a sustainable brand through 16 years of continuous, accelerated business growth. With 8 stores located in some of the most in-demand retail spaces in Hong Kong, we are poised to position ourselves for global expansion, creating a truly successful Asian retail export.

Quintessentially Hong Kong, the brand’s name is originally derived from the Cantonese phrase “住好啲”, which means “to live better”. In Singapore, the brand is officially represented as “Goods of Desire” to reflect its pioneering of the future lifestyle retail scene with cutting-edge designs that embody the ideal of living better, bringing in a broad range of Goods of Desire’s signature Fashion, Gift Ideas, Homeware, and Furniture collections.

Co-founded by architects Douglas Young and Benjamin Lau in 1996 as a retail space in Ap Lei Chau (鴨脷洲), Goods of Desire presently has eight stores located throughout Hong Kong. Fiercely proud of its Hong Kong roots, Goods of Desire draws inspiration for its award-winning designs from the city’s vibrant heritage, preserving its unique cultural legacy through a lens of humor and creativity.
On Goods of Desire’s renown for controversial and tongue-in-cheek designs, and setting up shop in rule-laden Singapore, “Beyond the controversy and comedy of our designs, Goods of Desire is first and foremost about celebrating authentic Asian culture.” --- Douglas Young
Douglas Young
Born in Hong Kong (1965), Douglas Young trained as an architect in the United Kingdom at Sheffield University and the Architectural Association. Since 1991, Young has worked in Hong Kong on a variety of projects ranging from residential to retail interiors and won several prestigious awards.
Citing the deep similarities between Hong Kong and Singapore as the most compelling factor behind selecting the latter as the location for Goods of Desire’s first overseas store,  “Evolving from a colonial past to its present cosmopolitan climate, modern and undeniably Asian all at once, Singapore is truly an ethnic melting pot steeped in both tradition and innovation. It is a shame that we took so long to do this, given how many fans we know we have here. Nevertheless, it has always been my dream to show the rest of the world the Hong Kong I know, and I cannot think of a more perfect place to start with than Singapore.” --- Douglas Young

For updates on Goods of Desire’s activities in Singapore, please visit the brand’s local Facebook and Twitter pages.


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