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Hi Huneybees,

June is coming and this month, we celebrate the most important man in our lives - Daddy Dearest. HE toiled and worked hard in the corporate battlefield to give the best to his beloved family and now is the time to indulge and spoil Daddy!

This Fathers' DayCanelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie pays homage to dads all around the world with a handsome collection of praline cigars, VSOP cognac and espresso cake, and mint chocolate macarons specially crafted by Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Grilo. In the process of developing this masculine collection of sweet delights for the celebration, Chef Grilo wanted his creations to remind dessert lovers of elements of a father figure- some traits that you might find familiar at home and are close to your heart.
Bringing a wealth of professional pastry experience spanning across two decades is Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie’s Executive Pastry Chef, Christophe Grilo. A native to the South of France, this culinary virtuoso has conquered the kitchens of prestigious hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants around the world, including Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier, and the acclaimed restaurant Spoon in Hong Kong. Now joining the band of eminent chefs within the Les Amis Group, Chef Christophe is poised to elevate this home-grown pastry brand to greater heights, and inject his distinctive culinary flair in fashioning artisanal masterpieces that will continue to intrigue palates and inspire memories for years to come.
I don't smoke cigars, but I'm now a converted big fan of the Caramel Cigare.
It's slightly bigger than a usual cigar, but the moment you put the Caramel Cigare to your mouth, it's already coasted with the slight bitter chocolate powder. Bite into it and you will be surprised by the crunchy praline in the middle, Super chocolate-y fullness all in one "cigar"!
Paying tribute the hands that provides and feeds the family, the lead product of Canelé’s 2012 Father’s Day collection is an edible masterpiece of a businessman’s weapon of status and prestige- the cigar. A long crunchy praline center rolled up in rich dark chocolate caramel ganache generously coated with chocolate powder, Caramel Cigare ($11.50 per piece) commands respect and attention like the head of our households. Chef Grilo carefully replicates the artistry of the actual cigar manufacturing process in Canelé’s Caramel Cigare like all quality cigars; each Caramel Cigare is handmade to ensure cocoa divinity with every bite.

What a beautiful representation of Daddy, the sturdy chocolate covering on the outside tasted sweet and bitter at times, which is how Daddy sometimes can be. The luxurious sprinkle of gold leaves on the cake makes it all so prestigious and I love the surprise you get when you bite into the cake. The cake is so soft on the inside like mousse, I love the combination of fragrant coffee and the slight bitter chocolate...
To some, a recollection of your father figure can be described as ‘serious and firm on the outside yet gentle and thoughtful inside’ and for these men Canelé presents to you Le Café Cognac. Le Café Cognac ($8 per slice) is a classy VSOP cognac and espresso cake draped in pure dark chocolate. Beyond the stern and authoritarian appearance, the inside of the Le Café Cognac is made up of soft and aromatic coffee cream, velvety brandy coffee caramel layered upon a steady foundation of crispy praline base. With this we fondly remember the time when we see the heart of the father and understand that the times when he was resolute was when he was trying to do what was best to protect you.

With a twist, the usual brown macarons are not just chocolate, but also has a hint of mint. Canelé's macarons are always my favourite as the crust is not too hard and not too flour-y, having a macaron during tea time seems to refresh me and keeps me going till the end of the day. :)
There are others whose dads are vivacious individuals who never fail to keep the house filled with laughter. Chef Grilo celebrates this bubbly personality with the limited edition Après Huit ($3 per piece). This Father’s Day exclusive ‘After Eight’ chocolate macaron with a touch of mint leaves a refreshing cool menthol aftertaste on your palate, resembling the cheerful and nostalgic moments when dads steal the spotlight with jokes which albeit quite embarrassing some times, but undeniably these are also the moments which gives us a little thrust in the popularity department because ‘your dad is so cool’.

The onngoing dine-in promotion menu for Father's Day at the Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie for just SGD$25++!
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To fathers all over the globe, Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie dedicates our Joyeuse Fêtes Papa Father’s Day Series 2012 to you in honour of a steadfast love that may seem silent and sometimes unnoticed but always cherished and remembered. We love you dad, happy Father’s Day!


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