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Hi Huneybees,

Super model Kate Moss, the face of Dior's latest launch 'Summer Colours 2012 Collection' for the lips and nails, looked stunning with her flawless looking skin, Super cateye liner and her favourite lipstick shade - Lucky.

Dior Roadshow@Vivocity.


A visionary colourist, Christian Dior always fervently believed in the power of dazzling colours.
As early as 1947, at the midst of the creative excitement of the New Look, Christian Dior already focused on overall beauty in which fashion and makeup come together in perfect harmony. He thereby orchestrated a real revolution by offering women lipstick in original shades with tones that “harmonize with each colour, each fabric, each hour…”
As diverse as the wardrobe of an elegant woman, lipstick becomes playful and flirts with every fashion whim. Always spectacular, colour now claims its place in Dior Couture collections and makeup creation.

Tyen, Artistic Director of Dior Makeup, has inherited this passion. For Dior Addict EXTREME, he creates a colour palette that is always more surprising than ever. A lipstick that is a must-have accessory backstage at fashion shows. A colour signature that boasts striking hold and radiance. Colour adoration at its very height, as Christian Dior always envisioned it…
[2011] Dior revolutionizes makeup codes with Dior Addict.
An original lipstick in a palette of 44 irresistibly shiny shades. An iconic fashion accessory. Finial touch or confident “parti-pris”, Dior Addict reveals a subtly nuanced and infinitely contrasting palette. This story between Dior and its Addicts revolves around the ultimate fashion icon: Kate Moss.

[2012] The idyll continues.
Dior Addict perfectly balances boldness and sophistication in a new colour partition.
12 incredibly shiny shades that are even more impulsive. More importantly, ideal hold and new dress code: Dior Addict, at the height of its fashion focus, goes extreme…

At the roadshow, not only did I got to try out the latest colours, I even got to learn more about Dior's lineage of makeup and this interactive book attracted so many kids to come 'play'.

DIOR ADDICT EXTREME - lipstick that dares it all

The lipstick is the signature and the final touch of a style, pairing allure and colour, shine and hold.
Dior Addict EXTREME combines vibrant colour intensity with the perfection of luminous shine. Extreme, almost breathtaking shades makes lips glow with radiant shine in vibrant colours with dazzling pure pigments. Impulsive, easy-to-wear tones mixed endlessly to recreate, invent and express a new femininity in the mirror each day.

For a woman who explored her inspirations and plays mix and match with sophistication, in the vibrant harmony of the latest fashion shows. Her allure is all her own. She takes a bold stance with colour and elegantly shows off her style. She is a Dior Addict EXTREME woman.
"My dream is not only to make women more beautiful but also to make them happier." --- Christian Dior
Dior Addict EXTREME, 12 dazzling shades to reinvent yourself each day. A game whose rules change with your mood. A playful way to explore every facet of elegance, from the most demure to the most sophisticated, indulging in extravagance or unleashing daring seduction.
Four iconic range shades whose names resound like a tribute to Christian Dior. Lips dress up in couture color. An eponymous star lipstick for each style extract.

INCOGNITO - the elegance of beige – a minimalist chic style
A color that guarantees overall harmony for a timeless feminine elegance.
The minimalist chic philosophy distinctive to Parisian women, whose carefree allure is a real lesson in style. The absolute elegance of effortless sophistication. The paradox of simplicity – Christian Dior’s obsession. The couturier had a sculptural and even architectural vision of clothing: “A well-cut dress is a dress with few cuts. What you don’t see is just as important as what you do.”
A perfect pleated drape, a cinched waist, a few small details of an ensemble that ensure the unique grace of a dress. Color is one of the most important elements of this extreme sophistication and meticulous style.
LUCKY - daring pinks – the fashion dress code
Color is her advantage, the endlessly daring weapon that makes her a style icon. In life, as in fashion, a woman who follows her instincts. Lucky was one of Christian Dior’s favorite models. With her stately beauty, she was a true icon of 1950s fashion shows. A good-luck name that won over the couturier, who liked to put “lucky” sprigs of lily of the valley, his favorite fl ower, in the hems of the pieces presented in his fashion shows. Whether it was destiny or chance, her presence, charisma and singularity made her a symbol of success and elegance. She left her mark on her era, turning her nickname into a well-loved household name, as is Kate Moss today. Lucky is a daring woman who never shied away from her bold choices.
PLAZA - depth and intensity – extreme glamour
Reflecting the legendary Plaza, Dior Addict EXTREME introduces an eponymous shade that echoes the glamour distinctive to Parisian luxury Palaces. Divas, princesses and heroines always leave something to be remembered by: a perfumed trail, a red kiss mark, the memory of an unforgettable handbag. Like the Lady Dior, now a timeless icon, offered by the First Lady of France to Lady Di.
The elegant women of this world all visit the House of Dior on 30, Avenue Montaigne. A timeless space plucked from a dream, with private reception rooms like a special showcase where finishing touches are given to tailor-made creations. Christian Dior notably selected this now-legendary address because of its proximity to the Plaza, the illustrious Palace hotel on the Avenue Montaigne.
Its discreet, refined atmosphere and its illustration of exquisite elegance, which the stars adored, reflected his own tastes. Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich. They all chose Dior and the Plaza. A favorite location in which ultimate elegance and sophistication come together in extreme luxury.
RIVIERA - sunny shades – cruise elegance
Dress your lips in an original color with unforgettable radiance, materialized in the burst of a flash.
Every year, Christian Dior took refuge in the calm Provence countryside to renew his energy and give free rein to his imagination. He returned from his sunny stays with sketches for his next collections, his “little works of art,” as the couturier liked to call them. The Riviera never changes, as if heedless of the passing time. Magical moments and unforgettable memories that unite seaside serenity with the excitement of Saint Tropez nights. The Riviera is the symbol of Cruise elegance. Timeless escapades filled with colors that spark emotions. A ray of sunlight, the blue of the sea, the splash of waves and the exuberance of the jet set crowd. Like a desire to be seen and recognized.

Check out the extensive range or makeup and beauty care products Dior carries...

At the roadshow, Dior not only launched their new summer colours, they had also added two new toys. One of which is the digital nail art printing machine for the instant nail art and a Dior ‘Neo-Print’ booth for all the 'camwhores' out there.

This nail art printing machine is nothing new. It has been in the market for quite a while already, just that it is not very widely used in Singapore. This machine can be quite fun to play with as you can also have your picture printed on your nails too, positioning of the nails is very important, otherwise the print might just come out slanted....

 Strike your best post for the photo booth, I did one photo with hubby, but I would like to keep it private. Hehehehe....

So, here's a little demonstration on how to achieve that killer sexy cat Kate Moss look.

Some of the products used in the demonstration.

Gorgeour model who attracted alot of customer that day...
Demonstrator's Keith.
First apply the gold eyeshadow asbase.
Then sweep on the Khaki Green eyeshadow on the out corner of eyes.
Blend the eyeshadows together.
THen, use an angeld brush to use black eyeshadow to draw an eyeline from middle of eye out with a flick.
Line the waterline too.
Then use a pencil eyeliner to line as close to the lashes as possible. Just a thin line.
The beautiful mascara brush to lengthen, volumnise and fan out the lashes...

Brush on some cheek colour.
Add some shimmer for shine and contouring.
Conceal the lip area for dark areas.
Apply lip liner all over the lips.

 Smack on some lucky and you have your very owwn Addisted Extreme look!

I received some products to try out. Will let you guys know the results soon!


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