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Hi Huneybees,

With my idol, Ms Elim Chew, before the show.
I attended the inaugural Singapore Designers Showcase at the Audi Fashion Festival last week. 3 local designers had their collections showcased - a.w.o.l. (all walks of life) by Alfie Leong, SATURDAY by Nic Wong/Daniel Loh and DEPRESSION by Kenny Lim/Andrew Loh.

All 3 of them rocked the runway with 15 looks each from their upcoming Fall/Winter 2012 collections, which will only be launched for retail in the 4th quarter of the year.

The show was put together by Mr David Wang, Vice President (Designers and Retailers Group) of the Textile and Fashion Federation (TAFf), who said that what makes the mix interesting is that the designers all have very distinct design signatures and effectively represent 3 "generations" of Singapore fashion.
"International buyers come for the Audi Fashion Festival because they are keen to see what this part of the world has to offer, what our point of difference is. We should be putting forward something they won't get at many other fashion weeks - great Singapore labels" --- Mr David Wang
I'm so proud of them, most of the audience left with compliments and intentions of getting the pieces off the runway. So let's get the show started!

SATURDAY kickstarted the show with models marching down the runway, creating the all so impressive entrance.
The first show was by SATURDAY. Established in 2009, SATURDAY is the latest creation by veteran fashion designer Nic Wong and Daniel Loh. SATURDAY weaves a strong identity with its quirky take on classic forms.

Left: Daniel Loh
Right: Nic Wong
The label celebrates the imperfect, the impermanent and the incomplete, keeping the pieces minimal and effortless, wile taking a pragmatic approach in clothes making. Their personal take on aesthetics and experimentation in the production process results in clothing that reflects an evolving aesthetics; not just about making things different, but making things better.

SATURDAY's Fall/Winter 2012 womenswear collection, Collapsible, features jersey pieces - a long standing focus for the brand - as well as woven pieces. Another highlight is the extension of its premium knit collection with fine merino wool. Materials have been selected to allow for variations in layering, allowing individual pieces to be adapted for the climate.

The second designers were DEPRESSION. I have featured them earlier on their 'CLOUDING OF CONCIOUSNESS' collection and now introducing their Fall/Winter 2012 collection - 'PLASTIC SURGERY' - a tongue-in-cheek take on clothes, imagining them as body parts, incorporating quick fixes, the designers allow the wearer to detach, peel off layers and reconstruct each piece to invent new silhouettes.

Riding on the heels of the label's successful collection of shoes, DEPRESSION also showed a new collection of leather footwear. Another thing I love would be their accessories, be it a hat or a necklace, there were alot of details and that's what I call statement pieces!

Pictures without the watermark is credited to DEPRESSION.

Designers Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh of DEPRESSION.
And last but not least, the womenswear label a.w.o.l. (all walks of life)

The label was created by veteran designer Alfie Leong in 2004 to give everday people a dose of originality and refinement. a.w.o.l's designs and silhouettes are unconventional, but the Alfie remains true to providing details that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

a.w.o.l. had local celebrity model, Sheila Sim wearing the first stunning piece.

In addition to Singapore, the label is stocked at multi-label stores located in Bahrain, Beirut, India, Kuwait, Melbourne and USA. For the Fall/Winter 2012 collection, a.w.o.l. presents Opposite Lives, a line that is inspired by the various roles women play and celebrates everyday heroines.

With Alfie's signature fusion of East and West, the boundary between creativity and practicality is blurred, with elements that include everything from gold leather and fleece to specially-designed printed silk and fine cotton knits.

Pictures without the watermark is credited to a.w.o.l.

Designer Alfie Leong of a.w.o.l.
After the show, I caught up with a few friends and local celeb, Nat Ho for some photos.

A few designers of Parco next Next. Stay tuned to my next post on the Parco next Next show... 

Local designers are taking over the fashion scene and they are definitely world class standard. Let's all support local talents!

More photos of the runway can be seen here.


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