Congratulations to Alvin 賴斯翔 and Ella 陈嘉桦!

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Hi Huneybees,

Other than being Vesak Day today, the Asia Celebrity World congratulated the couple Alvin Lai 賴斯翔a.k.a 尔文赖 and Ella Chen 陈嘉桦 (from S.H.E.) in their merry matrimonial at 台北寒舍艾美酒店 Le Meridien tonight.

The wonderful photographers of WPN - Wedding Photographers Network (Let There Be Light Photography, Tinydot Photography, EyeDeas Photography)  shared the beautiful photos on their Facebook Page and we all got to see Ella in her most beautiful moment.*So proud that a Singapore team is behind this grand moment*

Ella has always been my favourite S.H.E. member and when the news of her marriage was out, I've been watching the Taiwan entertainment news to catch glimpses of her gown. Not sure why but whenever someone says they are getting married, I'm always curious to see their gowns. Tehehe....

Ella looked so skinny here. Guess all brides will lose weight to look good in their gowns...

This is one amazing couple!
So far from the photos, it looks like Ella had 5 gown changes and the one I'm loving is the one below.

And how can Ella's wives 老婆 be missing from the wedding photos? So many friends turned up and one of them was Jerry Yan 言承旭, whom used to be rumoured to be with Ella. They are just best buddies....

Will Hebe be next?

Credits to Jerry Yan's Facebook Page.
Blessings to the newly married couple. May you guys have a blissful marriage. Will we see a baby Alvin or baby Ella soon?

All photos taken from WPN Facebook Page and Jerry Yan's Facebook Page.


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