Hot Bods at Maybelline Party - New (York) Me!

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Hi Huneybees,

Last weekend was non-stop party and one of which was Maybelline's New (York) Me! Party at Zouk.
There was fashion shows by Forever 21, makeovers by Chapter 2 and yes yes yes, super hot bods on the stage. It was "boiling hot" in Zouk and we definitely had a great time!

Put on your best face(book look) and put yourself out there at New (York) Me!, the very first of Maybelline NY’s upbeat downtown raves for the brave and the beautiful. Expect billboard-worthy looks from Maybelline NY, traffic-stopping fashion from Forever 21, networking opps that can catapult you from small town to big city in a heartbeat ‘n’ a tweet… If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. So make it!
Getting in, we were treated to Soyato Ice Cream. *Yummy*
Choose to queue for a makeover, but I opted to go find my friends...

Dangling legs from the ceiling. Feels kinda creepy though...

Host for the night was none other than Rozz (from 987fm) herself.
 Fashion Show (A) - Chic, ready for work and play with bold eyeliners.

Amazing rapper, Kevin Lester from SIXX (above) and  DJ KoFlow (Bottom) rocked the stage.

Bring in the hot sexy dancers. *Melt*

OMG!!!! I got the best view!

  Fashion Show (B) - Flaunt your colours, be bold, be wild....
There was even live demostration of makeup on the runway by Marcus. Totally never seen before!

Rozz having a little short interview with Marcus.
Marcus doing a demonstration to show how easy it is to create smoky eyes.
All he used was his fingers to smudge the black eyeshadow.
Crimp the lashes and prep for mascara.

A little lip gloss.
And Voila! See how sweet the model looked?!

 Founder and editor in chief of NYLON magazine, Marvin Scott Jarrett, was in town...

   Fashion Show (C) -Hold on to your seats as the girls and gys bare it all! (ok lah, quite a bit of skin flashing).

When the boys came on stage, the girls in the audience were super high...

Not to fret guys, the female models were va-va-voom as well...

Great show Maybelline and Forever 21! Lova ya all!

Thanks for the great company too babes!

So glad I caught up with Marcus, took a pic with him and we chatted a little about makeup.
A sweet tip from Maybelline before I sign off...
More photos here.


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