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Hi Huneybees,

I met designers Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh of DEPRESSION during the Men's Fashion Week 2012 and today I am please to present to you their latest collection 'CLOUDING OF CONSCIOUSNESS', which will be fully launched by June.

 Depression designer, Mr Kenny Lim (pictured left with co-designer Andrew Low, on the right)
DEPRESSION is a Singapore label founded in 2006 by former advertising creative team Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh. Depressed with the corporate struggle and inspired by their love for irony, DEPRESSION was born to combat ‘depression’ through the creation of pieces that are always entertaining and never depressing. Each season, the label presents minimalist, but tongue-in-cheek collections with a medical theme. 

Taboo in DEPRESSION clothing.
The label has been featured in Japanese magazine WWD, while the two designers most recently appeared on Beijing’s Top Fashion TV and NHK’s Tokyo Fashion Express. Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao and Black Eyed Peas member Taboo have also been spotted wearing the brand’s signature pieces.

Let's take a look at DEPRESSION's Spring/Summer 2012 collection -  'CLOUDING OF CONSCIOUSNESS'....

'CLOUDING OF CONCIOUSNESS' is used to describe a person going through a mental state of fogginess, or simply, going nuts. Inspired by the changing patterns and colours of clouds, this collection is a snapshot of that person's mind and unpredictable moods. Photographs, graphics and colour blocks willt ake you from clear skies to rainstorms.

Other than being a cape, this piece could also be a dress! Talk about Tansformers! 

Nice right? I love the DEPRESSION style and I can say anyone in their clothings can be as stylo as Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Rui En. DEPRESSION can be found at Cineleisure Orchard #03-05A and I paid them a visit. Presenting (*drum roll*) DEPRESSION....

OMG! The guy's T-shirt has cat ears too!!!
More cat ears T-Shirts...

I'm loving the little details DEPRESSION has added to their minimalist line of clothings...

Other than clothings, the store also has statement pieces of accessories, that are exclusively DEPRESSION style...

I bet you will get lots of ppl talking to you at events and parties.

These little pockets and badges can be pinned to any of you top or bottoms for the extra "compartment" INSTANTLY!
Adding a little colour to your style will definitely get you to stand out amongst crowds.
And how can you step out of house without a cool pair of shoes to walk down the "runway" with?

Do drop by DEPRESSION today for a fashion fix...

Cineleisure Orchard, #03-05A, Singapore
• Sun - Thurs 12pm-10pm
• Fri & Sat till 12pm - 12 midnight

DEPRESSION will be showcasing in the upcoming Audi Fashion Festival 2012. Do get your tickets early. Click here to link.


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