[Giveaway Closed] Trying Escaping from the Werewolf Village!

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Hi Huneybees,

The Real Escape Game (played by young working adults from all walks of life in Japan, China, Taiwan and San Francisco) is an interactive live game event that requires players to cooperate with team mates and use their combined detective skills to solve multiple mysteries in order to escape from a locked room within a limited time. And this time they are back with the second edition with a new theme: Escape from the Werewolf Village!

The venue will be reimagined as a mysterious village where werewolves have been known to attack people by night. As villagers disappear one by one, players must work together, use their deductive skills and gather clues to escape before the werewolves strike again!

History of the Real Escape Game

The Real Escape Game was first played in Tokyo in 2007, and since then, more than 100,000 participants have played in multiple cities across Japan, China, Taiwan, United States and Singapore. Over 2,300 sessions have been staged to-date with as many as 1,000 participants taking part simultaneously. The Game was recently played by several hundred participants at massive arena venues including the Tokyo Dome and the city's Jingu Baseball Stadium. This upcoming Singapore session at *SCAPE Warehouse will be the second time “The Real Escape Game,” has been played in Singapore.

The first Real Escape Game in Singapore was held earlier this year from 27-29th January, at Chijmes Hall, titled “Escape from the Mysterious Cathedral”. Around 800 players, mainly young working adults, from all walks of life came to experience the thrill of solving the puzzles in teams and breaking free. A total of 30 teams managed to escape, with the fastest team breaking out in around 40 minutes. The game has drawn enthusiastic response from various players.

The Real Escape Game is the brainchild of Mr. Takao Kato, founder of the Kyoto-based publishing company, SCRAP. The concept was born out of a conversation with a girl who was hooked on online “Escape the Room” games. Kato added on a strong narrative element to the challenges, explaining that “as a kid, I always wanted to ‘live in the story’, survive the adventure, solve the mystery, and be a hero like the characters in books I loved as a child. The Real Escape Game is an opportunity to make these dreams come true”.

The Real Escape Game is often staged in eclectic settings ranging from small theatres to large sporting arenas to cathedrals. Come meet new friends and try out the latest live game phenomenon from Japan with this fun event happening at the *SCAPE Warehouse this May!

Venue : *SCAPE Warehouse (2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978)
Game Timings:
  • 11th May, Friday : 5pm, 7.30pm
  • 12th May, Saturday : 9.30am, 12nn, 2.30pm, 5pm, 7.30pm
  • 13th May, Sunday : 9.30am, 12nn, 2.30pm, 5pm, 7.30pm
Each game session runs for about 90 minutes, including 60 minutes of game play and time for debriefing.

Ticket Pricing:
  • Students : S$20 (valid student ID must be shown at the door or Adult price will apply)
  • Adults : S$25
  • At the door : S$30
Where to buy tickets:
  • http://www.gatecrash.com.sg/
  • SingPost Post Offices (ask to purchase Gatecrash event tickets)
  • S.A.M kiosks
  • Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) TicketCube@Orchard
More game details are available at:

*Note: The Game puzzles require no special skills or knowledge to solve; all puzzles can be solved with use of intuitive logic and deductive reasoning. All aspects of The Real Escape Game will be conducted in English.

Hey Huneybees, here's a good news for you!
Thanks to the organisers, I have a pair of tickets (open ticket for any of the 3 days)  for you guys ~ 
Simply comment below the answer to this question: "What is the name of the founder of the Kyoto-based publishing company, SCRAP" together with your name and email address. 1st one to answer correctly wins the pair of tickets. Good luck!


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