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Hi Huneybees,

Recently, I've been attending a few runway shows at the Audi Fashion Festival and I was really glad to be styled and dressed by Forever21 for the fashion event. It's super exciting as I've been a HUGE Forever21 fan and as I mentioned before 80% of my wardrobe were from Forever21!

For the Redken Runway Show, as you have might have read from my previous post, I was dressed as a Rocker Chick.
I had the honor to meet up with Forever21's stylist, Roslan Mohamad, at their 313 Somerset store to pick my looks for the next 2 days...

The store was one of my favorites (it's spacious with 4 levels of fashions!) as it always made me feel super at home when I shop there. I could spend hours there to satisfy my Forever21 cravings. :)

Ros (short for Roslan) and I walked around the store, going from level to level searching for clothes that might suit me and I snapped pictures of some of the latest collections...

The latest collection boast of monochrome colours and mixed with Marine Blue and Lime Green for that extra edge.

Bras go up to D Cups! Yeah!!
Ok! Time to go try on those selections!

I love the asymmetrical hem on this dress, but Ros didn't like the proportions on me and I was thinking WAY to much cleavage. HEHEHE!

I was changing into different clothes and in between the changes, I found Ros had already laid out the accessories for easy matching later. He's fast!

Let's show ya what we chose...

Selected this British inspired look for the Singapore Designers Showcase. Sweet Ros steamed the clothes for me and I was ready to go for the fashion show from there.

Can you believe this is in fact 2 necklaces?! The black roses are made up of PVC layers and what's below is a tribal multi chain (see below).

On the left hand, I wore 3 rings in 2 different colours. I'm in love with the diamond studded studs!!

And on the right, we stacked 4 studded bracelets and 2 diamond studded rings.
 Whilst I was "shopping" with Ros, I learnt the art of stacking. he was not afraid to accessorize and like the 3 rings on my left hand, I would never have thought to buy 3 rings and stack them together to wear?! Don't be afraid to accessorize and sometimes, the more the merrier!

I immediately fell in love with this clutch the moment I set eyes upon it. I received a lot of compliments at the runway show and also at the Pixie Lott Showcase later that evening, where a few ladies approached me and were inspired to head down to Forever21 store the next day!

WooHoo! Marine blue Stilettos are so hard to come by! MUST HAVE!
The look for next day was mainly focussed on this dress from their Love 21 collection, a more contemporary line. Love 21 has the trends you find at Forever21 but with more focus on fabrication and trims, and a more sophisticated feel. We paired the dress with some ivory and gold accessories, to give it a little tribal feel.

As in on me in this photograph with David Wang, Vice President of TAF.f Singapore.

A closer look at the accessories.

The first bracelet (with stone in the middle) has this magnetic catch, that saves you the trouble of having someone help you wear your chained bracelet.

The total cost of my daily outfit for the Audi Fashion Festival was below S$200 budget considering all the items I had on me! Forever 21 is my must go place for affordable and trendy fashion needs!

Thank you Forever21 for dressing me up so pretty for the Audi Fashion Festival 2012!


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