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Hi Huneybees,

"Inner Beauty" is all about a person's character. If someone has good character, we would say she has inner beauty. But what if there's a way for you to have beauty coming right from within your body? That would be amazing right?!

Well, S-Skin is here! It is  a revolutionary age-defying oral formula (with 100% natural ingredients) that's custom-blended and manufactured in USA, to promote radiant and youthful skin, aiming at correcting fine lines and wrinkles, and boosting skin elasticity and hydration.

6 main ingredients and functions for radiant skin:

1. Silk Peptides - Restrain the formulation of melanin for skin whitening
2. Resvaratoral - Strengthen skin foundation
3. Aloe Vera - Soothe and moisturize skin
4. Collagen - Maintain firmness and elasticity of skin
5. Grape Seed - Provide anti-oxidant effects
6. Alpha Lipoic Acid - Promotes cell regeneration

Let me share some photos at the launch...

There was a little pampering session and I got my sprained shoulder healed.

A short little introduction and presentation of letting us know more about S-Skin.
I was super happy I was given a bottle of S-Skin to sample and I'm elated at the results! I've been having S-Skin for about 2 weeks, with the routine of 2 capsules before breakfast and 2 capsules before going to bed. On and off I would forget about taking them, but I still can see the effects.

I've been trying to take daily photos but seems like the camera can't capture the work of S-Skin on my skin. I didn't have macro lens, can't really take close up. But I can feel the difference on my side. I have smoother skin and I can see the most difference on my face.

Hehehe! I've been having menses for the 1st week and every month, when I am PMS-ing, I always get a little outbreak and super dry skin. So when I took S-Skin, my "damage" was down to minimum, I could still go out for events, without having to cover up with concealer and hiding at the back when taking photos. I will be getting S-Skin again when I've finished this bottle!

S-Skin is available at Watsons, Guardian and Unity. Each bottle of S-Skin (90 capsules) is priced at SGD89.90. Till the end of November, S-Skin will be available at a promotional price of SGD59.90.

Note: S-Skin works best when you watch your diet, less oily a food and have plentiful of sleep!


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