AFA 2011 - Day 2

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Hi Huneybees,

I was too sick to step out of house today. So sorry to disappoint you, I'm pretty sad I couldn't go take more photos and see more stuffs too. :X

Allow me to introduce a little about AFA to you before I go on further?

Anime Festival Asia in short AFA has already been running successfully for 4 years and this year they have brought top speakers from Japan's entertainment industires, premiere of SEA's 1st 3D hologram Hatsune Miku's concert performance and also a 3-day "I Love Anisong" concert marathon.
It really is at the heart - an experiential platform. Countless time, energy and huge investments have been put in to plan and craft experience of every single attendee who will be walking through the doors of the festival. To us, every bit of interaction with every part of the exclusive content we have for our attendees is really the result of months of careful planning by the committee. For AFA 11, we are again looking to create great value by providing the ultimate J-POP culture experience for our attendees.
Shawn Chin( Festival Director, Anime Festival Asia)
So here's the rest of the photos of what I experienced yesterday. So many cosplayers, so many things happening at every corner, every few minutes. One can never snap it all, unless you are down there to experience it for yourself.

I was there with Joey and we were created by cosplayers right at the door.

Cute mascots cap was sold at the official AFA stores.
And I screamed OMG at the sight of these big head cartoon characters!
I wanted to go back and buy Princess Leia today, but I missed it. Can someone help me get it when they see it?

They are big Japanese model kit manufacturers for toys since 1983!

Cute yummylicious anime babes got every man stuck to the display boxes...

Then, the following ones caught my eyes. Anime style of the babes in "ang mo" comic. One would have never seen them so sexy before! 

Even Katanas were sold there.
What?! Car?!

More anime figurines.

Stole a little peek into The Atelier Royale Cafe. Check out the cute butlers...

Joey said she's bringing her Rikkakuma blanket, so I brought my Gloomy one!
Cute bears?
Then, it was finally time to check out the cosplayers. Alot of time and effort has been put into their looks. Everyone trying to look as close as the character they are playing...

Joey found her friends!

Check out the time and effort this cosplayer put in! She even made her phone fit her costume!

Also, also, also, there was another section called the Cool Japan Pavilion on the Festival ground where the budding artists and companies could get some exposure and networking oppotunities. I managed to catch up with 2 of them...

This booth is by 6 artists and I managed to get 2 of their cards. Go ahead and check out their website -- and

The booth is the launch of a new manga called "Raythe Reign". It's a little erotic but the drawings amazing.
You should check it out!

Were you guys at the AFA? Share your photos with me? 
Thank you AFA! See ya guys again next year!


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