[Travelogue] Hong Kong Trip (Day 1)

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Hi Huneybees,

Hong Kong has always been a place I could feel at home at, well I guess coz I could speak Cantonese and I could get around easily without anyone's help. I've been to Hong Kong earlier this year and early November I'm back in Hong Kong again to attend a friend's wedding.

My first trip to Hong Kong was in 1993 and after that I never got to go again until last year I went on my first trip again after so many years and since then I've made my 3rd trip this time round. You can see the photos of my first trip here. That time I went to most of the tourist attractions like Wax Museum, the Peak, etc.

Before flying, we grabbed a little tea time snack at Kiliney Kopitiam located inside the airport terminal waiting lounge.
We found calling cards for almost every country within one of the bookstores.
Me and hubby took a few days off work and blogging to attend our friend's wedding and at the same time, shopping and eating all the food that we think could not be found elsewhere, in any other parts of the world.
Let me take you on a tour in the next few blog posts and here's a little starter on my first day to Hong Kong.

We took an evening flight and by the time we reached there, it was already night time, when we checked into hotel. Only enough time for a little supper and early rest for next day's itinerary...

On the plane. Always love watching movies and having food served right to my face. LOL! The airline company we took the flight to Hong Kong is Cathay Pacific. All the stewards and stewardesses spoke in English and Cantonese. That's when my Cantonese/Hong Kong accent kicks in!

I chose for chicken and mash potato for my dinner. Guess what? I had ice cream and chocolate for dessert!

Kinda pissed as the flight was delayed and when we landed, there was no station for us to load, we had to get down this flight of stairs and grab a coach to the airport!

So after all the queuing and heavy lugging of luggage, we finally got onto the airport express train, where we could head to Hong Kong Station to switch trains to Tian Hou station, where our hotel's just opposite of the station.

That's our hotel L'Hotel 香港铜锣弯海景酒店. I will show you pictures of the hotel in the day in my posts to come.

And so, we dropped our luggage and we decided we wanted to grab a little supper. There was McD's right opposite, but we opted for something more local! Cha Can Ting! Hubby was craving for Wanton Noodles, so we popped right into this store when we saw they are open 24 hrs. The food's great and it's dirt cheap!

Super old style tea restaurant. The men behind are mostly taxi drivers who were taking a break from driving all night and pop comes in these 2 tourists. LOL!

My tired hubby just wants his Wanton Noodles....

This is the menu and name of restaurant. Just a few steps away from Tian Hou Station.

I ordered a side, Borsch Soup to share alongside our Wanton Noodles.

So after supper, we took a little stroll, walk back to hotel and along the way were the old street, old style buildings which I think would have long been rated obsolete back here in Singapore.

They changed their parking meters. A little more electronic now. The other time I came by, everyone had to pay by coins and now is by their Octopus card, which works like the EZ link here. I highly recommend you guys to apply for one when arriving in HK coz this card pays for practically everything. Food, shopping, MTR, and like above, parking.

A lady was sleeping on the side of the road and heard someone said she just fainted while strolling with her hubby, so I grabbed the chance to snap a pic of the Police car. Reminds me of the TVB drama I'm currently watching, Forensic Heros III 法证先锋第三部... 

And before we head to bed, we definitely had to FB and check our emails. I know is nothing to wow about, but it's the first time I saw a computer keyboard with Chinese Pin Yin Strokes. Cool right? I don't know how to use it, but it's interesting for me lahs...

Ok. Go to bed le. Shall update more tomorrow...


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