Marina Bay Sands & KU DÉ TA

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Hi Huneybees,

My October ended with a night at Marina Bay Sands. Valentine was there with her mummy and she invited us (Me, Joey, Hong Peng and Jeremy) to join her. I very much wanted to stay, but didn't bring my clothes, so pity right? Never mind, sure got more chances coming up one. Let me show you around the room first...

The super comfy bed.

Joey and I had dinner there by the chaise lounge.
A little corner for work and beautifying.
Toilet sink can have 3 people brushing their teeth at the same time.

One side for relieving and the other side is the shower room.

Check out the view of Marina Bay from the room! Super shiok! I was super excited and exclaiming non-stop. Valentine and the rest were laughing at me. LOL!

After another group shot (trial and error with timer camera), we decided to go downstairs for some bubble tea and check out the Sky Park.

Taken at the corridor.

At the lift lobby.

In what we call the clubbing elevator. Music was played while on the way up, like in preparation for KU DÉ TA. 

Yipee! We are on the rooftop! And this is the famous swimming pool, borderless to the edge, as though we can swim right off to the horizon... 

Nope, we're not walking on water. There's a platform in the middle of the pool, so that non-swimmers can walk out to the edge to take photos too.
Yes, there are lifeguards there to make sure you guys don't dirty the pool or do silly things.
Spa and gym by Banyan Tree.

Spotted a Dali piece at the The Shoppes.

BBT from Gong Cha.

After getting BBT, we decided to take a stroll at the Boardwalk, while enjoying our drinks. We managed to catch the Wonder Full – an amazing convergence of light, music and sound. 

That's Avalon.
We then headed back to the room after bidding adieu to Hong Peng.

Caught in action! Wahahahaha! The bed is super comfortable, none of us wanted to leave it.

Sob Sob. I dun wana go home...

Part 2 of this blog post was that last week, I was at KU DÉ TA ( I was there for an event called theloveaffair and they were featuring Erik Sahl (SWE). Super hype techno music for the night, but it was crowded to the max, I was literally gasping for air...

Arriving at the convention hall entrance, we were mesmerized by this "Orchid MBS". It was there for the WOC event.

X'mas decos are up already.  Check out the super duper tall X'mas tree!

We took the elevator to level 57 to the same level as the Sky Park.
Couple shot before we head in...

Check out the view from the bar!

Ok! Camwhore a little with hubby and I'm off to the dance floor!

See how crowded it was? But I must say it's fun, too bad everyone was in their own little crowds, very little people were on the dance floor, and pssst... super LOTS of SPG-s!

OK! I'm off to dancing and enjoying my drink. Catch ya around!


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