[Travelogue] Hong Kong Trip (Day 3 Part 1)

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Hi Huneybees,

My Hong Kong post was interrupted by some other events in the middle and now I'm back to Day 3 of the trip.

Day 3 was amazing as we met up with his colleagues in Hong Kong who brought us to great food on our previous trip and now we are back for second rounds and more. Also, we attended our friend's wedding in the night ( the main reason why we flew to Hong Kong).

Brunch was Dim Sum  at this posh restaurant that won a Michelin Award.
The view from the restaurant.
Love the teapot....

The menu.

家乡咸水饺 (Deep-Fried Pork and Dried Shrimps Dumplings) 
A delicacy that I always love. It's a mixture of meat and dried shrimp wrapped inside flour and deep fried before serving. When you bite into the dumpling, sauce will flow out. Super juicy! It taste a little salty, but mainly super sweet...

叉烧酥 (Char Siu Pastry)
Soft layers of flour skin wrapped tender juicy Char Siew within....

I'm not very sure the name for this. It's actually dumplings with prawns and vegetables inside. The flour skin is QQ and the ingredients inside are super fresh. There's whole prawns within!

How can we forget egg tarts right?
XO 酱煎肠粉 (Fried XO Sauce Flour Rolls)
  I would say this is a must try!  It's just plain flour rolls in mini style, pan fried with XO Sauce. You can eat it straight off the plate of dip it in some BBQ or Mustard Sauce. Every way is a tease to the tongue!
原只大虾肠粉 (Steamed Rice Flour Rolls with Prawns)
Similar to what we can normally have in Singapore, but what's different is that the "skin" is so soft and thin, it melts in your mouth the moment you place it in your mouth....

叉烧 烧肉 (Top: Xiu Yok, Bottom: Char Siew) 
These are the HK specialty. The Roasted Meat's top layer of skin was burnt to the right amount of crispiness and the soft layer of meat complimented the whole taste. As for the Char Siew, I found it a little fattening and oily, but the meat's super juicy. Lucky, the fats were obvious in layers, one can remove them from meat easy peasy-ly.

香葱海蜇头 (Chilled Jellyfish)
海蜇 is something you would normally find on the cold dish at weddings, but this one's served differently. It's tossed in some sweet, spicy sauce and served cold. I would must try for this.

原个千层马拉高 (Steamed Layer Spongy Cake with Custard Cream)
I'm never a fan of this cake, but one bite of it, got me going back for seconds. The cake is so soft and fluffy and paired with the sweet custard cream in the middle layers... I'm in heaven!

蛋黄流沙包 (Steamed Buns with Custard and Egg Yolk Filling)
I specially ordered these... Its sweet, yet salted filling when wrapped with the bun is orgasm to the mouth! Eating it whilst piping hot, letting the filing flow to your mouth, I can literally "cum" several times!

When we were done, we were even treated to desserts on the house. That's red bean paste and walnut paste....
This is where the restaurant is. Just a stone's throw from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Just being noti. See the CCB sign? *Wink*
After lunch, we decided to take a stroll. Then, a tram drove past and we decided to hop on one to Central. Super excited! It's our first time on a tram.

This is a step on bell. It's used to warn people crossing the road, etc.

Feel so movie poster here...
It was Saturday, check out the view outside! The domestic helpers were given a day off and they just gather on the streets to chill out with their friends. It's like a 8th Wonder of the World.
They just tear off cardboard boxes and camp everywhere. Bridges, linkways and by the streets...

Yipee! Thank you driver, we arrived at Central area already...

We climbed the super long and steep stairs...

Check out these big ass pizzas! We wanted to share a slice, but we already had plans...

Cutting through a wet market.

We don't sell meat like that in Singapore anymore.
Just an alleyway.
Yipee! Reached our destination. Traditional HK pastry since 1954!

Egg tarts!!!
Check out the oven! They just recently renovated...

Ok. Leaving to our next destination by taking the infamous long flight of escalators.

Check out the latest Apple Store at IFC Mall! It's packed with people and not computers. LOL!

Out of the mall and crossed the bridge to the ferry terminal. We are gona take a ferry across the sea.

Who wants corn soup while waiting for the ferry?

How come the ferry's in B&W?

Enjoying our egg tarts on the ferry.
That's how a ferry looks like. This one's multi-coloured.
That's our destination. K-11

No wonder the ferry's B&W. They were running an ad for VANS.

At the ferry terminal, there was super lots happening and super lots to see.

At 1881 Heritage. People love taking wedding shots here with friends and families, coz the ROM is just opposite.
The installation changes here every month.
An Opera inspired dress by Vivienne Tam. Interesting, but not sure wear it to?

At a hidden corner, one can find a fire engine tucked at a corner of 1881 Heritage.

OK! We're here at K-11 already! I wanted to go see the installation by Tokidoki,  but after a check with the information counter lady, it was over already.... Sob Sob!

K-11 is like an art mall. Everything in there is a piece of art!

I found Unicorno at a store that sells Tokidoki stuffs. I must take photos!

Ok. I'm going back to hotel for a little break, before dressing up for our friend's wedding. Stay tuned for part 2!


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