GoGreen After Dark - Haunting of Blakang Mati

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Hi Huneybees,

I was recently at Sentosa for the Gogreen After Dark adventure. Halloween may be over, but the history and scares of Sentosa never ends there. They have combined the joys of riding a Segway and spooky history of Sentosa (Blakang Mati). 

Be treated to decades-old tales, remnants of history and supersitions of the island previously known as Pulau Blakang Mati. This is the only after-dark tour that allows you to have a feel of the island's even darker side while riding on the Segway PT. This journey will take you on a spine tingling through the less known paths on the island that is commonly known as Sentosa.

Hear about Sentosa's haunting and history, this tour will roll through the western part of Sentosa, where the most chilling paths are located. The guides will take you on an adventure through the night and supported by our safety guides, you are safe in our hands.

Warning: This ride is not for the faint hearted. All riders must be at least 18 years of age.

I've always been "haunted" by stories of Sentosa, giving her history, I've always been pretty afraid to stay till dark on the island, except for the Palawan Beach area. But after this adventure, I can say, it's "ALL CLEAR"! LOL~

Show ya the pictures of me and friends on the adventure...

Got our pass to enter the island through monorail.
On the monorail. Super thanks to Jeremy for helping us take photos...
Here we are! Beach Station.

Promotions under Gogreen and we can't resist more photos!

That's what a Segway is in case you are wondering.

Stepping into the Segway station, a "lady ghost" was already waiting for us!

Hahahahaha! This is not an ad. I just happen to be having a drink...
Before setting off, we had to blend in too... Me and Vanessa did some makeup, she had ghostly make up on her face and I had a huge bleeding wound on my hand.

She's so scary right???

My turn! Slowly build up the flesh tissue, some red blood and Voila! I have a bleeding wound!

Aftre watching an instructional and safety video, we are off to the training grounds.

Yipee! I picked it up almost immediately! Super fun! Just be careful of curbs and trees.

Everyone trained well and we are all off to the adventure trail.
From here on, the photos are a little blurry as I'm shooting with my handphone. Cameras are not advisable  while riding the Segway. Safety first!

The Segways are all lined up and ready for us to set off.
Hanging around, waiting for the ghostly guide.

Guide is here and off we go!

Yipee! End of trip! I was literally "flying" on the Segway. I can't bear to go home, wana ride more...

After the adventure, we were given a cert to keep and also treated to food at the Sand Bar. And we were glad to find William, Clarence and Shuqing there waiting for us! They were on the adventure on the earlier slot.

 Go ahead and give the Segway a try. It's for all ages and kids just have to be above 1m to play. For more details, check out http://gogreenafterdark.com/


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