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Hi Huneybees,

I've always been a dessert person, thus the figure (WAHAHAHAHA!). But what to do, no one can resist a sweet treat once in a while right? Know what? Now there's Delcie's Desserts and Cakes, I can eat as many as I want, with no guilty conscience at all! Delcie's Desserts and Cakes is the Healthier Choice of Cakes certified by Health Promotion Board.

Why? Coz, Delcie made her desserts from organic ingredients, unbleached, wholemeal flour, non-refined sugar, plant-based agave sweetener, trans-fat free oil, 70% dark chocolate, sea salt, calcium-enriched rice milk, and her special formulated non-dairy whip cream. There are no animal derivatives as they are no animals slaughtered in this process. And they are halal as well. Besides being 100% egg-free and dairy-free, Delcie have also created 3 additional categories:

1. Baby Cakes - cakes suitable for baby’s diet
2. Eldery Cakes - cakes that is suitable for sugar intolerant or diabetic folks
3. Gluten Free Cakes - cakes for those with wheat allergy

When you first step into the store, one will be overwhelmed by the cute drawings on the wall and when you look at the cute, colourful cakes on display, and the strong whiff of yummylicious cakes in the making, I can tell you, you wouldn't wana leave this little piece of 7th Heaven.

I am so happy to see Delcie opening her first flagship store. She did not have a store last time, just a kitchen. I remember I once ordered cupcakes from her and she even got someone to help her deliver them to my office. All my colleagues were super satiated that day!

We were treated to little Delcie's treats before the event begins...

Let's introduce the pretty pretty lady boss  *Clap! Clap! Clap!*

Delcie is a true baking artisan, who fashioned her owned healthy baking methods without compromising on taste and texture. She believed the world would also be a better place without the cruelty of hurting animals. She is an amazing entrepreneur who developed the art of baking with a conscience with the love formular. She starting baking in the year 1996 at age 12 and her passion was ignited when she won a cake mixer from a lucky draw.

Delcie and her mentor, Dr Jeremy Wong.
Check out the crowd!
This is how the kitchen looks like.

The hosts that day was Marie and Maria, loved their style of hosting and they are also BIG fans of Delcie's!
Camwhoring... Received lots of compliments for the eyeshadow that day. Thanks M.A.C.!
Jayne, who's taking care of us G+ now...
A picture with lady boss and bloggers.
The wonderful crew of UsedUnused, they gave a pair of cute mittens to Delcie!
We all left our best wishes on the wall.
Another picture with Delcie before we left.

Delcie's cake’s and dessert’s price ranges about $38 - $110 depending on size and flavours, not only that please check out for her holiday specials like christmas cakes, mooncakes and also Chinese new year tarts and kuey kueys. She also specialises in making 3D cakes that cost about $250 for customization.

For further enquiries, please contact : Delcie Lam, Owner of Delcie Dessert’s
m : +65 9003 8823
e :


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