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Hi Huneybees,

October was the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. There was a couple of events and I was at Tangs @ Orchard for a little tea time sharing session with. I went there with Valentine, we lounged around and enjoy a fabulous fashion showcase featuring lingerie brands – DKNY, MAIDENFORM, VALISERE and XIXILI, as well as a by CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR on "Maintaining a Fabulous Lingerie Wardrobe" XIXILI on Getting the Right Fit for your bra and a special talk by a Breast Cancer survivor!

There was a BCF Pledging Booth. Photos were taken with a HP touch screen.

The stage was ready, drinks and bites were given, we just had to wait for the models to be ready...

Are you ready for the lingerie fashion show? Here goes...

Sexy right? All the bras were so versatile, convertible for some and definitely bust boosting for most of them.  Different bras and underwear for different occasions and now, here's a little about the talk from CK.

Explanation of the different bras and their effects.

Mainly is the introduction of CK's Naked Glamour collection, that promises to make women "look even sexier than when naked", the collection offers items that mix luxury with wearability, teaming T-shirt-suitable bras with lace shorts and ranges of slips.

The hook is the middle is 2 simple hooks (see top right photo), when hooked together, the straps create an X shape, great for wearing racerback tops.

The loungewear and PJs are designed for comfort.

I am astonished by the number of bras a girl should have! And even the 'aunties' on the floor went "WHAT?!". Hahahahaha! But for me, I guess is good to know? But I find the numbers a little excessive?

On the left is a suggestion as to how you can store your bras, never hang them dry too! Lay them flat on your drying rack like shown on the photo on the right.

In between talks, I took a little time off to pamper myself and got a hand massage by Clarins. My hand was all smooth and 'tender' after the treatment.

The next talk is by XIXILI on Getting the Right Fit for your bra. Did you know that it takes 32 components to make a bra? Anyway, each and every individual is made with different shapes and sizes so it's important that we have to find and wear the correct bras that suits our own body shape.

Lastly, there was an inspirational talk by a Breast Cancer Survivor. She's so approachable and  'happy-go-lucky', shining brightly like a sunflower. One would never know that she's gone through tough time fighting Breast Cancer. Now she has recovered as she discovered this illness at the early stage and sharing her experience with all of us. Answering every question we 'threw' at her.

Jas was there that day too!
Breast Cancer occurs in every 1 in 16 women in Singapore, and the women affected are becoming younger. Breast Cancer Foundation aims to create this awareness to ladies of all ages and below is a little instruction on how you can do a monthly self check...

Take care and stay healthy ~


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