I took a ride on the Aranzi World Caravan

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Hi Huneybees,

I guess you guys would have read about the Aranzi World Caravan on my earlier blog post right? I was overseas when they came to our shores and today, I made a trip over and took a little "ride" on the Caravan @ Millenia Walk. I wasn't feeling too well, but when I reached there, all the kawaii characters "welcomed" me and I was back to normal, shopping to bring the characters home!

I was told by the friendly Japanese staff that I could take photos of the ambience, on a general term, but I can't take up close photos of every item. So I could only share these photos with you guys. I know photos can't speak much. It's really more fun and more things to buy when you go down to the Aranzi World Caravan and experience it for yourself...

Have you spotted the character that you like?

There are many stationary items to buy home, there's also tote bags, cups, mugs, notebooks, notepads, stickers, etc. So many items like the stars in the sky!
They are so considerate! There's even a mirror for us girls to decide which bag to get!
I almost wanted to bring the whole Caravan home, but my pocket's limited, so I could only get a couple of items. I chose to bring home the Panda and I got the notebook (to jot down my drawings and thoughts when  on the road) and a stack of stickers (to stick on the postcards that I send out to my postcard group. I'll tell you more next time).

Nice right? The Japanese are always so good with their packaging.
Sticker on the left was a gift from Aranzi World Caravan.
Panda on the front and Robot Panda on the back.

Tomorrow's the last day. Just spend $10 and you can enjoy a cup of coffee or receive an Aranzi Arono Pen!
On a side note:

As I was walking leaving the Aranzi World Caravan, I caught a glimpse of Gurmit Singh hosting a event for Harvey Norman. He was joking with another host and everyone on the floor was tickled pink by them...

Ok, so don't forget to head down to Aranzi World Caravan and bring back the characters, so that you can be with them 24/7 ya?


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