The Lowdown Of Singapore JewelFest 2014 - Alice In Wonderland Night

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Hi Huneybees,

The Singapore Jewelfest 2014 ended over the weekend and here's a lovely recap of the lovely night I spent in "Wonderland" as Zenchi presented his pieces of lovely dresses down the runway alongside the jewels of Jewelfest.

Upon reaching the pavilion, I already had my eyes on the "Alice in Wonderland" themed headdress and headbands right at the photo booth. Coming from Eskpade, by the talented Kristine Hakim, these hats were made specially for the night and I've fallen in love with this Cheshire Cat version, I simply wanted to bring it home with me... *grin*

Check out my "eye" shoes... :)
Kristine finds her inspirations from traditional crafts, arts and historical costumes during her travels, infusing that with the traditional techniques and contemporary art, she creates a new perspective on embroidery and handiwork. 

A couple of Eskpade headdresses that caught my eyes.

She also created a series of bejeweled headdresses for this year's Singapore Jewelfest, pairing them with gorgeous jewellery pieces from The Jewel Box, Caratell, Simone Jewels, Lee Hwa Jewellery, Mouawad, Karen Suen, Zydo and Schreiner Fine Jewellery.

Each headdress has been specially created with the piece of jewelry in mind, embellishing and accentuating the pieces’ unique features. These headturning headdresses will definitely make heads turn at the races, wedding, or a themed gala ball.

Little Princess: The Jewel Box
The Jealous Heart: Mouawad
The Hunt: Karen Suen
A New Queen: Schreiner Fine Jewellery
Some Day: Simone Jewels
Snow White, The Queen: Caratell
Mirror Mirror: Lee Hwa Jewellery
My favourite piece have got to be the one with Lee Hwa Jewellery  - Mirror Mirror. Of course, this is inspired by Maleficent and maybe it's the fierceness in this piece of headdress itself, it totally stood out amongst the rest.

Lee Hwa even had their booth decorated with the fairy tale theme. Every girl will be a princess in these precious gems....

So, being the 12th run of Asia's most prestigious luxury, fine jewelry affair - Singapore JewelFest, they have brought in $290 million worth of jewelries and every night is a special themed show to showcase them. The evening that I joined them at was themed as "Alice in Wonderland" and alot of hearts were fluttering around as we were shown collections from 20 brands presenting at the Jewelfest 2014.

Don't the jewels just look amazing? I bet your eyes must be "glittering" now from all the bling-bling. But wait, after the show, I went walking around and picked out a few of my favourite gems to show you...

Ame Gallery from Hong Kong brought in alot of bespoke jewellery from different designers from all over the world. The curated gems brought in under their wing, are modern and sophisticated, just nice for the modern lady who needs her blings for different occasions.

One would be MIMATA by Joanna Mieirofrom Portugal. Designer Joanna Mieiro has her works revolving around the whole universal of ideas and symbols that represent the imagery MIMATA. Shapes were taken from their signature logo that translates the connection between what we were, what we are and what we aspired to be, between memory and the desire of conquest; transcending into the envisioned sophisticated, affirmative and breathtaking woman.

Another would be the fun movement jewellery from Yael Sonia Fine Jewelry from US. I would say her signature pieces would be the ones that was inspired by children's toys. The bangles, necklaces and rings have precious stones encased within and they are all free to move around, making lovely sounds as well. They will definitely be the talk of the party everywhere you go!

Collection inspired by kites.
The precious stones collection

These were just a couple of brands that caught my eye. If you want to see more about the brands, visit Can't wait to see what's installed for next year's Singapore Jewelfest...

Ame Gallery (
12/F, Tin On Shing Commercial Building
41-43 Graham Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852.3564.8066

MIMATA by Joana Mieiro (
Rua de Cedofeita, 433
4050-181 PORTO
Tel: +351 932109010

Yael Sonia Fine Jewelry (
280 Lafayette Street, Suite 810
SoHo, NY 10012
Tel: +1.212.472.6488

R. Haddock Lobo, 1327 Cj 5
Cerqueira Cesar
São Paulo, SP  01414-003

Tel: +55.11.30887540

France - Galerie Elsa Vanier
7 Rue Du Pré Aux Clercs
75007 Paris, France
Tel: +33.1.4703.0500


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