5 Australian Fashion Bloggers Set To Star In New TV Series on E!

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Hi Huneybees,

For those who love fashion, always looking at OOTDs and on constant know of the fashion scene, you are in for a treat this week on E!

Fashion Bloggers - a brand new reality TV show trailing into the lives of Australia's top independent bloggers of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Get a chance to learn about what's hot and what's not from the land of Down Under as well as their take on the fashion industry, entertainment news and probably just about everything else under the sun.

Tune in and watch how these Fashion Bloggers - Amanda Shadforth, Kate Waterhouse, Magaret Zhang, Sara Donaldson and Zanita Whittington juggle everything on their plates, from the online media to big brands flying them out to top fashion cities. It's every bit the glamorous lifestyle that we lust over, but what really goes on behind the scenes? Fashion Bloggers takes us through their personal lives and the not-so-pretty side of things that never made it to Instagram or their blogs. It's gona be ANTM all over again... =X

For the latest updates on Fashion Bloggers, you can follow them at:

It's honest, it's real, it's relatable. Being a blogger and fan of fashion, I simply can't wait to catch Fashion Bloggers first on E! (StarHub Cable TV Channel 441), every Wednesday at 9pm. 


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