I'm In Love With The Cheesy Baked Crab At Hualong Fishhead Steamboat

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Hi Huneybees,

Looking for new places to gather after a tired day of work? Fancy some casual Zi Char, why not come join me at Hualong Fishhead Steamboat in Ang Mo Kio? I super love their Cheesy Baked Crab tossed with Salted Egg (黃金鹹蛋芝士焗蟹), coz not everyone does crab in this style and everything tastes so much better with my favourite CHEESE!!!!

As described by ladyironchef - "Zi Char (also known as Zhi Char/Cze Char/Tze Char/Zhu Chao) is a term used to describe a wallet-friendly, home-style cuisine from a Chinese stall, which serves a variety of ala-carte dishes and leaves you spoiled for choice."

So, this place that I am recommending is not only light on the wallets, you can also choose from a wide variety of delicacy. Here's some of what I would suggest...

Start off the dinner with a big helping of Imperial Shark's Fin with Conpoy & Crabmeat (海皇干貝魚翅). Though the Shark's Fin was more of a subtle touch to the soup, I liked the large helping of crab meat in it. Try having the soup with green chilli, it will bring out the flavour even better than the conventional way of adding black vinegar and pepper.

Then have a plate of Homemade Beancurd with Crispy Radish Floss (家鄉菜脯豆腐) to share. The beancurd is fried to the right crispiness on the outside, leaving it soft on the inside. I love the crispy radish floss on the top and I can't stop munching on them, I can have just this dish to go with my rice. :)

And of course, not forgetting the Cheesy Baked Crab tossed with Salted Egg (黃金鹹蛋芝士焗蟹) mentioned above. This is the one time, where I will be licking the shell for the sauce and I find that the kids will love it too! The meat is fresh and the shells have already been cracked for easy dining. You don't even need to use the shell cracker...

Another style of crab dish would be the Signature White Pepper Crab (白胡椒螃蟹). I never liked my crabs being too spicy, but this would actually be my alternative choice to the Cheesy Baked Crab.

Lastly, you can have the Duo Scallop Combination (鴛鴦雙拼帶子) where the scallops on the outside is crisp-fried and sautéed with XO Sauce for those in the basket. It very refreshing to have 2 styles of scallop in a dish with the XO Sauce bringing out the freshness of the scallop, whilst the crisp-fried version locks in the sweetness of the scallop, bringing the ocean to you within a dish.

And don't forget dessert! This nice cool bowl of Sweet Temptation (今日甜點 - 龍眼) is here to cool you down from the spicy White Pepper Crab and also our warm weather, leaving you going home, licking for more.

Those are just some of my favourites at the stall. You can also find some of their specialty dishes like the Spinach with Jade Abalone (菠菜扒冬菇玉鮑), Herbal Stewed Duck with Sea Cucumber (藥材海參鴨), Clams(Lala) Stir-fried with Chef's Butter Garlic Sauce (牛蒜炒啦啦) or Signature Wok-fried White Beehoon (華龍招牌白米粉) if you are bringing more friends and family...

Spinach with Jade Abalone
Herbal Stewed Duck with Sea Cucumber 
Clams(Lala) Stir-fried with Chef's Butter Garlic Sauce
Signature Wok-fried White Beehoon
Hungry yet? Make a date and come on over, enjoy a nice meal at Hualong Fishhead Steamboat. But be sure to make reservations before heading down as it is usually pretty packed. I like that the service is good, dishes get served fast and piping hot. The dishes are also pretty special and some are uniquely theirs, standing out amongst the usual Zi Char stalls.

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 華龍魚頭爐
Address: Block 347, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #01-2142
Tel: 6457 2275 / 9696 5663
Opening Hours: 11am-2.30pm , 4.30pm-11pm daily


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