I Finally Caught Ayumi Hamasaki's LIVE Performance At a-nation Singapore 2014!!!!

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Hi Huneybees,

Yipee! One more item crossed off my bucket list last Sunday as I finally caught Jpop Goddess - Ayumi Hamasaki LIVE on stage at a-nation Singapore 2014. It's been my dream to fly to Japan to see her perform, but I was super cite that she was flown to Singapore, right to my "doorsteps"! 

a-nation is Japan's largest summer festival and it was brought to Singapore for the very first time. Seeing the crowd of over 2,000 attendees to the showcase at The Mastercard Theatres at the Marina Bay Sands, I was so glad that Jpop still lives!

At the showcase, lots and lots of the performers' merchandises were being sold. They were going off like hot cakes and I had to grab on to my dear life for the Ayumi ones! 

The showcase opened with a local act by Stella Seah, but I missed it as I was checking out the HAIR×NAIL Booth by LIM. They were up to their necks with the crowd and I simply couldn't queue and wait anymore as Wagakki Band was next.

Fans of Vocaloid would definitely be familiar with this highly popular band that is reigning the Japan music scene. Wagakki Band consists of 8 members and Yuko Suzuka is their leader and singer. The uniqueness of the Wagakki Band comes from the mix between Western instruments (such as: guitar, bass guitar, drum set) and Japanese Traditional instruments - the Shakuhachi (Japanese flute), Koto (Japanese harp), Shamisen (three stringed instrument), Wadaiko (Japanese drum), exposing the Japanese traditional instruments to us through music.

Photo credits: Lenne Chai
Their high visual mix of Vocaloid songs and the Japanese kimono inspired costumes by gouk,  was the best choice to get the audiences started. Arranging Vocaloid songs to Rock music is their forte and they sound super amazing LIVE!

They performed "千本桜 Senbonzakura", "天樂 Tengaku", "虹色蝶々 Niji Iro Chouchou" and their latest song - "華火 Hanabi"“Tengaku” or “Music of Heavens” has gotten around 214,000 views on Nico Nico Douga since it was uploaded. 

Photo credits: Lenne Chai
Next up was Aaron Yan from Taiwan. Clad in a baroque print suit and aviator shades, he might have fooled his fans with his "coolness". But his opening act of "一刀不剪" didn't impress me at all, as he was singing VO, even though he was not dancing vigorously. It was a little disappointing and especially having him perform shortly after Wagakki Band, he definitely fell short. A lot of the audience took the chance of going for a break.

Photo credits: RE:MAKE Photography
But luckily there was Sonar Pocket. The 3 Nagoya boys - ko-dai, eyeron and matty got us on our feets dancing as their fast beat songs are performed along with the neon streaking lights and visual arts.

I was first captivated by their song "Never Give Up", which was an opening theme song for Digimon Xros Wars. It was a pity it was not performed that day, but I fell in love with their last song for the day - "好きだよ。~100回の後悔~ (I Love You. ~100 Regrets~)". *Check out how fast eyeron is singing!*

Photo credits: Lenne Chai
My excitement was heightened when the super gorgeous Lena Fuji walked out in her LOWRYS FARM outfit. Why? Coz she was flinging off outfits that she was wearing into the crowd! The best gift was the furry outerjacket that she was wearing. Imagine owning a piece that Lena literally wore!!!!!!

But the catwalk was simply too short! I wana see more of the models - Lena Fuji, Alissa Yagi, Michi Omori, Nicole Ishida, TACHIBANA ERI, Yui Sakuma, and Yuuka Suzuki! They were as though walking right out of those ViVi magazines!

The youngest member - Ryota Katayose is simply so adorable!
Photo credits: Lenne Chai
Right after the fashion show, the audience (especially the girls) went mad as 7 "HOT SHOT" boys of GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE took over the stage. Alan Shirahama, Ryota Katayose, Ryuto Kazuhara, Hayato Komori, Reo Sano, Mandy Sekiguchi and Yuta Nakatsuka have inherited the spirit of EXILE.

These boys are all about fun, energy and strength as they sang english versions of their songs - "HOT SHOT", "ANIMAL" and "Love You More" and finally ending it with "BRAVE IT OUT" in Japanese. 

Photo credits: Lenne Chai
m-flo definitely surprised me with their amazing LIVE performance. VERBAL and Taku worked so well together and they even had a special guest appearance - Minami to perform the part of female vocals along with the DJ mixes.

They performed "FLY" from their new album - "The Future Is Wow" but I kinda was anticipating for "Go Crazy", the lead track of the album which they collaborated with BIGBANG's Taeyang / SOL, Imagine how cool it would be if Taeyang were to walk out from the backstage! *Daydream....*

Photo credits: Lenne Chai
Of course, the night ended with the Jpop Goddess - Ayumi Hamasaki! I've been waiting so LONG for her! She had 4 costume changes and performing 10 songs at one go, was like her very own concert. I literally lost my voice screaming and singing along to her songs but it was all worth it!

Ayumi sang and danced, showing off her great LIVE performing skills. Too bad she didn't have the wedding gown moments (like in her concerts), I've  always wanted to see that. Hopefully she comes back again. Ayu! Singapore misses you~~~~

Well, the night ended with Ayumi doing an encore song "Boys & Girls". I was humming it all the way home. It was like reliving my secondary school moments and I'm dying for a second round! I wonder if there would be Koda Kumi, DA PUMP, Namie Amuro and AAA would be next????


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