Switching The Lights Off With Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone And Jamie Foxx

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Hi Huneybees,

Last week, my Spidey senses were tingling as I approached The Float @ Marina Bay. I was there for Earth Hour 2014 and this year I got to Lights Out with my fellow Singaporeans right in the heart of Singapore.

This year's campaign - 'Use Your Power' urges people to be a superhero for the planet by pledging to take action and commit to one or more of these 4 simple acts" via http://earthhour.wwf.sg:
  • Turn air-conditioning up by one degree
  • Switch to LED lighting
  • Use fewer plastic bags
  • Take shorter showers

Excitement grew tensed as the night turns dark, as the Earth Hour approaches... Coz a special superhero made a special appearance. It was none other than Spider-Man himself as Earth Hour's global Super Hero ambassador.

With him, he brought the cast, director and producer of the upcoming highly anticipated motion picture - The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Everyone were screaming as Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx walked onto the stage.

They shared about their joy being part of Earth Hour and Andrew got everyone tickled pink as he repeated "Steady Lah" 3 times. He's just so adorable, ain't he?!

At the mention of the Energy Dance Floor, everyone on stage started to dance to the groove and Jamie Foxx brought his daughter and her friend down the other end of the stage to dance right in front of us! He was such a doting dad on his princess, holding her hand and dancing with her...

As the hour drew near, Spider-Man and Mr Panda, pressed on the button to start the countdown to Earth Hour, we stood there counting down, as we watched the participating nearby buildings (Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, One Raffles Place, Republic Plaza and United Overseas Bank Plaza) swtich off their lights for the hour.

The session ended with the Spider-Man crew on the candle light platform for a photo opportunity and even though they had left, the whole celebration still went on with performances and the audience dancing through the night...

But Saving The Earth doesn't just end there. With Earth Hour 2014, the Eath Hour Blue is launched. It is the first crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform for the planet, with an aspiration to shift the paradigm of how people raise funds, get support and mobilise others to change the world through the platform for environmental and social projects.

Singapore's very own crowdfunding project "Stop The Killing!" aims to stop animal trafficking in Southeast Asia, targets to raise USD20,000 that will go into the following activities:

  • Strengthening wildlife patrols
    By better equipping wildlife rangers, offering them protection and the security of accident and emergency cover, creating a solid defense against poachers on the frontline of species conservation.
  • Exposing and suppressing the trade
    By focusing on Singapore that we are targeting our efforts on one of Asia's major wildlife crime trafficking points. Your funds will support operations to monitor the illegal sale of animal parts and expose those responsible to the law, in particular to the crackdown on the illegal sale of saige antelope horn.
  • Reducing consumer demand
    Crowdfunding can help us educate and change opinion through the mobilisation of awareness campaigns.

More informations can be obtained from www.wwf.sg


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