Kevin Lester To Release Latest MV "Forever" On 27 April 2014

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Hi Huneybees,

Kevin Lester's 3rd single release of 2014 - Forever” debuted on Singapore's Hot FM 913 on 8th April 2014 at #15 of their HOT 30 Countdown, & reached #1 on 21 April 2014This will be the LionCityBoy's 3rd EP titled "Put Your City On".

Following this success, Kevin Lester will release the official music video for "Forever", where it will be published on his YouTube channel 27 April 2014 at 11am and his EP - "Put Your City On" will be available as an iTunes Preorder from then.

The EP will contain all 6 singles that were previously only released in South East Asia.
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“Forever” by Kevin Lester

Everything You Love You Hate (EYLYH), was my first conceptual album. It took a long time to create and part with some of the personal stories buried in the songs that were part of that project.

That’s why it hurt a little when I was told about bootleg versions of “Cartoons And Heroes” on the Internet. In fact, it was my favorite song from EYLYH. It showed me that there is an audience who enjoy my music across the globe - but with bootleg versions, it doesn't help me get that next project funded

Forever is an open letter to encourage my fans, and future fans, to take advantage of the various legal avenues like iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, KKBox etc. Some of these avenues even allow you to listen and stream music for free. It will be a better step in the right direction. It helps us. Hence it is together that we can facilitate a harmonious growth and fulfilment for the musician and fan in this digital era of music.

I write every record for my family and loved ones. Forever is no different, but I hope it will give everyone a voice. We deserve what will fuel our journey longer up the ladder to the stars. These are our dreams and if we fall it should be of our own faults. I pray no one cheats us of the spotlight.

“Put Your City On EP” will be available online only here:
iTunes - 
Spotify - 
Deezer - 
..and other major online retailers like Beats Music, Amazon, Juno etc.
Pre-order the "Put Your City On" EP on iTunes. It will be released 8th May 2014


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