Eww, I Hate Avril Lavigne's Hello Kitty

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Hi Huneybees,

The mouthless Japanese cat has made another hit again as Avril Lavigne sings about Hello Kitty, it's pretty much her dancing around in her undercut hair with lifeless Japanese ladies in the background. She's been getting alot of backlashing for "uglifying" the Japanese culture on the internet.

Totally not a fan of this punk rock princess and she's definitely not the candidate I would imagine singing about Hello Kitty.

Come on! Leave it to Katy Perry eh? 
The whole act cute thing don't suit Avril at all!

At least Pharrell Williams did a good job portraying sexy ladies singing Marilyn Monroe as he dances around in his many, many, many Vivienne Westwood Buffalo felt hat with Kelly Osbourne making a special appearance!

Avril simply needs to go back to her matured lady like style like she had when she did the MV with Chad Kroeger in Let Me Go.

I might get bashed by Avril fans out there, but well, I didn't like how Japan was portrayed in her MV. I'm just gona end this post with a song by Crayon Pop (Uh-ee 어이) that I've been hearing everyday when I was in Korea. Dance along and have a great weekend!!   >.<|||


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