Couples Coming Together At Romancing U 2014

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Hi Huneybees,

Love was definitely in the air when we came back to the Romancing U 2014 event after our sweet "honeymoon" time in Korea.

Nothing is better when you spend time with your significant other and on this day, NTUC celebrates the couples and set them off on a love journey as they reminisce the feeling of falling in love with each other. There were booths for couples to bring home a special fragrant pouch to put in their love nest, sweet candies as well as Love Boat rides alongside the song and dance.

Love was definitely in the air as we saw couples of all ages, coming together, spending time with each other, chillax-ing as the sun went down against the beautiful Marina Bay. We also got into the mood and was thankful for such a lovely time. Really have to thank NTUC and URA for such a lovely arrangement.

Though it might be a little cheesy, but we also got to witness a wedding proposal amongst the crowd. The bride-to-be got into tears and everyone were cheering and clapping for them. Kinda made me wana get married again. I LOVE that feeling!

It was lovely to be able to spend quality time with my hubby and I recommend to all couples, take some time off, just spend time with each other. I know work may be stressful and take up a lot of time, but sometimes, you just need to stop and be with your loved ones, you will definitely feel even more recharged for work too!


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