[Updated] RTL CBS Is Taking Entertainment To The Extreme

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Hi Huneybees,

OMG! Did someone died?!

Arriving at a crime scene was definitely something no one would want to go through, especially when you are being body searched and go through a lie test!

But guess everything's fine as long as you have cutie George Young going to jail with you eh? *winkz*

Why all these dramas? 
Well, coz we were there to see the RTL CBS Extreme HD channel launch.

RTL CBS Extreme HD is a general entertainment channel for the boys. It's all about the adrenaline rush with its mix of action series, extreme sports, world famous illusionists, extreme factual programming and action reality programs.

You can look forward to watching Asia Premiere and Exclusive programs like - 
  • Extreme Sports: Cliptomaniacs, Art of Motion (Parkour across the globe), Red Bull Air Race World Championship
  • Action Series: Hawaii Five-O, NCIS: Los Angeles, 
  • Illusionists: Dynamo Magical Impossible, Troy, Cosentino, Criss Angel BELIEVE
  • Extreme Factual: Fear Factor, What The Fact...?!

At the launch, I conquered my fear and kinda fulfilled my dream to take up the challenges on Fear Factor. 

First up, I had little creepy crawlies dipped in chocolate fondue and fed right into my mouth. Thinking it was maggots (the light was so dim), it was filled with proteins right? But only to feel nauseous when I was told it was cockroach babies. WTF!!!

Look at Stephanie Carrington's reaction after eating it, you will know how I felt...

Second, we all cheers to a shot of "Brain Juice". It looked yicky yucky but, it tasted great, like a White Russian with a Cranberry touch!

Then, there was the put your hands in a box full of maggots to get a coin, so that you can take a picture with either of these snakes. It's like so creepy in every level! I couldn't bring myself to have the snake around me, so glad I had Val...

After that, we were treated to an exciting parkour performance and a magical performance by Cosetino, sent chills down our spine as he did a death defying performace of escaping from the head-crushing knives...


Of course, I also got a pic with George Young and the ever so funny Irene Ang before I left...

RTL CBS Extreme HD is broadcasted in English with Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Thai subtitles.
It is available in Malaysia - HyppTV Channel 617 and Singapore - Singtel mio TV Channel 335. For Thailand and Philippines, the channel would be launched soon.


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