OWL Café Opens 2 New Branches With New Menu Additions

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Hi Huneybees,

OWL Café has always been serving Straits Asian Food ever since it first opened in Star Vista. Well, the great news is, with the expansion of 2 new stores -Republic Plaza & Bedok Point, they have added new additions to their menu...

Toast with Kopi (Coffee) is the Singapore way of enjoying a nice tea breakfast or tea break. OWL Café has given it a new twist with its Signature Pumpkin Kaya Toast. I liked that they have used Ciabatta bread instead of the usual white bread and with the addition of pumpkin into kaya, it's almost like having a bread bowl of pumpkin soup. 

The Chicken Hae Chor Salad has always been my favourite and now that it is served as an appetizer in a cocktail glass, you can enjoy it in smaller proportions and save the tummy for more food. :)

Something refreshing would be the Seafood Fish Noodle. Thinking that it was Bee Hoon (Vermicelli), I was definitely in for a surprise. The noodles are made of FISH MEAT

This is something that you can't find in Singapore and I always have my "fix" whenever I drop by Hong Kong. 

Though it doesn't really taste that good as what I had in Hong Kong, I liked that this is a lighter version, with a whole lot more ingredients. This will be a favourite amongst those ladies who wana watch their diet!

 Another main to check out would be the Double Boiled Cordyceps Flower With Pork Ribs Soup and Glutinous Rice 'La Wei' Mushroom Sausage. It makes me miss my mum's cooking and it's nice to be able to find "home-cooked" food when you are out at work in the middle of the day.

And lastly is the dessert - Mango Pomelo Soya Beancurd. Though I'm not a huge fan of mango, I must say the beancurd was what surprised me. It's made with OWL's Soya Beancurd Pudding packaged mix and it taste so smooth, like those you can find handmade in the market. This is a summer must-have, so refreshing!

OWL Café  is located at:

  • The Star Vista#02-10&11 1 Vista Exchange GreenSingapore 138617Tel +65 6694 3537 
  • Bedok Point, #01-07


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