Shower Your Mum With Love This Mother's Day With Goldheart

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Hi Huneybees,

Celebrate the most important ladies in our lives this Mother's Day. Their unconditional, unlimited and unshakable love for us can be transcended by the 4 thematic collections from Goldheart.


One of the many forms a mother’s love takes is in the little things that she does for her children. In the new design for the Prestigio collection comprising earrings and pendants, her love blooms like a flower formed bydazzling blue sapphires and red rubies. Her little acts of love are not forgotten, small heart motifs are
embedded in each corner of the flower and the entire design is enveloped in a swathe of brilliant diamonds.

This collection is designed to channel the beauty and prestige in every woman, defined by its bold strokes,
neoclassical motifs and an unmistakable aura of majesty conveyed by the profusion of dazzling precious


Rooted in age‐old symbolisms of love and virtue that transcend generations, jade carries a special significance and makes a perfect gift during Mother’s Day. A perennial favourite that remains relevant through the history of fashion, Goldheart is delighted to present new contemporary jade designs for the modern mum!

New Jade pendant designs by Goldheart bring together a harmonious mélange of jade and brilliant diamonds. Crafted in white gold and accentuated with brilliant diamonds, the lush green tones are highlighted, giving it a touch of sophisticated opulence.

The Goldheart Ice Jade pendants possess a soft yet elegant lambency, a perfect representation of a loving mother's disarming aura. Set in rose gold and swathed with brilliant sparklers, the Ice Jade Collection makes a stylish tribute to the modern mum.

Using only pinnacle Type A Jadeite that are 100% natural in colour and composition, the jade possesses an rare collector's value. Indeed, its durable attribute reflects a mother's eternal love, which brings a layer of heartfelt significance to this truly exceptional jewellery.

Withstanding the test of time, Goldheart's Jade Collection is the perfect symbol for a mother's unconditional love and care for her children.


Made from glistening freshwater pearls, the lustre of pearls in Goldheart’s Perolé collection is the definitive fashion staple for any women. Symbolising love and purity, the new pendant designs from Goldheart speaks of the enduring and pure love a mother has for her children. Like a mother’s embrace, the lustrous pearls are safely ensconced within the overlay of brilliant diamonds and precious rose gold.


Dedicated to diamond aficionados, new Glitz designs are three‐dimensional, fashioned from pristine white gold and romantic rose gold. Drawing inspiration from floral motifs, this new collection comprises earrings, a ring and a pendant. Rose gold is crafted meticulously into petals and punctuated with an array of intense sparklers, emphasising the clean and minimalistic lines of the design.

Feminine yet offering a touch of sparkle to her wardrobe, these new additions to the Glitz collection makes for the perfect gift to show your appreciation for your mother’s noble efforts.

In addition to launching new designs for Mother’s Day, shoppers also stand to redeem a complimentary studio photography session worth $128 from Studio Memories with a minimum spend of $800.
Terms & conditions apply. Interested shoppers can inquire in‐store for more details.

All these featured designs are now available at all Goldheart boutiques islandwide. 
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mama-s in the world ~


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