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Hi Huneybees,

Losing weight has always been a profession for the ladies (and guys maybe?). It is considered a lifelong profession and everyone would try different ways to lose that extra inch. It's not only a quest to looking prettier, it is also good to be slimmer, for health issues.

Singapore Quality Brand Award 2013/2014

AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards 2013:
Winner for Best Beauty and Weight Loss Provider

Established in 2001, London Weight Management has been widely received by female customers with weight issues. The efficacy of their customised weight loss programmes have brought new hope to those who have been battling with weight problems most of their lives. To date, countless women have experienced promising weight loss results from their breakthrough weight management success.

I was given a comfy kimono to change into and it was onto the height and weight taking. 
So, this very day, I was at their Ang Mo Kio Jubilee branch to get my "treatment". It started out with a consultation whereby she asked me regarding my lifestyle, sleeping and eating habits. While sleeping late does not help in weight losing but a healthy breakfast helps!

Then, I was given a warm cup of water to help my body flush out the toxins easier during the treatments and a quick shower down, to cool down to body, before entering a 15 mins steam bath. The consultant was very considerate, knowing that I'm asthmatic, she constantly came over to check on me and asked if I was feeling alright. 

The temperature was very warm but the consultant handed me a wet towel to put over my face, so that I can breathe easily. Such attentiveness right? The steam bath would go on and off to avoid overheating. It was hot and I was perspiring quite a bit, but I know I am waving goodbye to all the toxins, water and fats!

After that, they brought me to the treatment room for a full body Lavender Scrub. It is to remove the dead skin cells, so that it can absorb the fat burning ampoule which they applied on me next. I was then wrapped up with plastic wrap and a warm blanket for 30 mins. I kinda felt I was being baked, but seeing the amount of perspiration after the session, I was thinking, go ahead, do it for a longer period.... >.<|||

The last part of the treatment has me going to bath and wash off the oils, before heading back to the treatment room for the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) machine. It would pump my muscles by by sending little pumps on my targeted areas and there were times, I ended up doing a few crunches. 30 mins of treatment on this machine is equal to doing 360 sit ups, 2.4km of running and 2 hours of intense exercise.

After just one session, I already managed to lose 600g, 4620 calories and 8.5 cm of fat around my body. Slimming has never been so relaxing and enjoyable. I didn't have to sweat it out in gyms and I can get the same kind of results. It's definitely a great way for me to lose weight since I have asthma and back injury, heavy exercising is not advisable. I can't wait to be back for my second session...

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