[What's New] Celebrities & Beauty Galore @ The SEPHORA Beauty Night Out Party

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Hi Huneybees,

September has been rewarding for me. At the beginning, there's my birthday and then comes the SEPHORA Beauty Night Out Party. It was a great night of beauty fun and mingling with celebrities of FLY Entertainment. Nothing beats having to try out beauty products and getting discounts... :)

Drinks that night were colour coded with Vodka and a few drops of Skittles. I had a few and they tasted so sweet, the colours are just so beautiful against the spanking new Suntec City Mall

Cheerleaders kept us entertained while we queued for out turn to try out products from Clinique, Benefit Cosmetics, Lady Jayne, Make Up Forever and Lancome. We were even surprised by a few "geisha-s" with freebies...

Getting to know more about the new Clinique moisturiser.

Lancome and Benefit Cosmetics gave ladies makeovers.

And at Lady Jayne I got to get some hair extensions (too bad I only got them in blonde) and even got my hair re-styled!

Hehehe. This was a cute one. Make Up Forever had the temporary tattoo at their booth and Cheryl was suggesting that I did it at my neck area. Then, when we were taking photos, hubby pretended to be kissing me. I was literally blushing!

Inside the shop, they also did an introduction to their waterproof products and how versatile their products are. In fact, they are popular for being waterproof. Check out this model's look, anyone dare to do that for Halloween?

Okok. Since I mentioned there were celebrities, I'm gona spam you with the photos of the babes and hunks - Bobby Tonelli, Jimmy T, Chua En Lai, Pat Mok, Ong Shu An, etc.

In store, there were more things happening with dancers, champagnes and cake pops, accompanying us while we shopped for our beauty goodies that night.

Nothing is complete without a little pampering as well. We all had our nails done and I had my nails done with Butter London and Ciate nail polishes. Do look out for the new Ciate Featured Manicure in SEPHORA! It's really cool and I bet it will be a nail trend catching on for autumn/winter.

Before we left, we were also given little gift boxes. 
Thank you SEPHORA for the lovely night.

SEPHORA at Suntec City Mall is their latest addition and don't forget to drop and get the new collection of beauty products!

Happy Shopping ~


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