Alien Huang 小鬼 Flew Into Singapore For the Grand Opening Of Ground Zero

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Hi Huneybees,

Ground Zero had their grand opening yesterday. Established by celebrity show host Lee Teng, he was joined by Taiwanese celebrity/host/singer - Alien Huang aka Xiao Gui at the grand opening ceremony. 

昨日,AES创办人 小鬼 (黃鴻升到新加坡为Ground Zero 开幕, 特地飞来担任了一日店长。Ground Zero,位于*Scape, 是由本地电视主持 - 李腾和黄鸿升合作开设的服饰店。 将AES 引进新加坡是他们彼此多年来的梦想计划粉丝也为了能一睹他们心爱的偶像,就从前晚开始排队等。有相片卡的粉丝还能小鬼自拍留念,全场简直 high 是翻了天。

Fans were on an all time high and have started queuing since the night before to catch a glimpse of their idol, Xiao Gui. And it went crazy when their car drove into *SCAPE, fans started pulling out their mobiles phones and cameras, screaming for their idol as the entourage rides down th escalator.

Both dressed in the exclusive AES X Ground Zero Logo 07 Tee (Black & White), the duo chose to open the store with a "Bang" as they popped' the confetti cannon. They have also left their autograph at the Ground Zero wall, so if you do pass by the shop, you can check them out.

During the short interview both of them shared that it was their common interest that got them together, the concept of the store and that they are currently focusing on the store before coming up with more future plans.

Xiao Gui was then showed around the shop, where Lee Teng shed some light on his toy collection. Hmmm, wonder if Alien will be placing an Iron Man here too?

After the whole media session, it was time to "reward" the fans! Those with the photo cards were allowed access to meet and greet with Xiao Gui and snap a polaroid with him for keepsakes. Every fan was grinning from ear to ear when they walked out of the shop.

The first 2 lucky fans!

Congratulations to Ground Zero!
You can read more about the brands in Ground Zero in my blog post here.

Ground Zero
2 Orchard Link *SCAPE #02-07, Singapore, Singapore 237978


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