[What's New] Getting Lost In SHINee's Performance @ Etude House Pink Party Season 4

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Hi Huneybees,

I recently attended the Etude House Pink Play Party Season 4, which was held in Singapore's Marina Bay Sands, to catch a glimpse of Kevin 老师, the makeup maestro from Taiwan, Sulli from f(x), and  most importantly the brand ambassadors - SHINee!

Hosted by Rosalyn Lee, the whole party was indeed super duper pink and cute, the fans were screaming mad and well equipped. Not only did they have their full on LED light boards, they even brought their own stool, to elevate for better photo taking. Thinking that I have my zoom lens equipped, I was already hard core, only to realize that I was blocked most of the time.

Well, so here's the photos taken that night. The party started out with Kevin 老师, doing his thing, teaching us how to apply simple and korean inspired makeup; then to a lucky draw moment with Sulli, before ending with a blasting performance by the boys of SHINee.

The boys - Onew, Jonghyun, Key and Taemin (excluding Minho who didn't turn up due to filming)  performed their popular songs like Why So Serious? and Lucifer. Everyone were singing and dancing to their songs (including me)!

However, the party was short lived, just when everyone was getting high, the performers on stage waved goodbye to us.

Well, guess we can only hope they have the Season 5 party here in Singapore... >.<!!!

Ok. I shall leave you here spamming photos from that night. Enjoy!


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