Ground Zero Launches SNRD Eyewear and Vabene Watches

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Hi Huneybees,

Ground Zero had a soft launch back in July. Owned by MediaCorp celebrity show host Lee Teng, the store carries street cultured apparels, eyewear and watches. And on 19th September, Ground Zero launched theJelly Beanz line from  Korean fashion sunglasses brand SNRD (Second Round).

SNRD, one of the most popular Korean fashion sunglasses brand are famous for it’s unique shape with a wide range of color lenses and frames that have wooed fans of all ages and have become a fashion statement in Korea.

Attended the event with fellow blogger, Michelle Fei. I can't decide between the orange and the pink pair. Which one should I get?

To celebrate the release of the new series, Ground Zero held a launch party and invited several well-known local artistes and VIP customers,  including Lee Mei Ling, Ian Fang, Ya-Hui, Jae Liew, Jeffrey Xu Mingjie, Felicia Chin, Jayley Woo, Jeremy and so on.

With Boss man himself - Lee Teng
The decision to open another store was actually spurred by his desire to display all the toys that he has spent thousands on collection. Being at the heart of Orchard Road, having Ground Zero at *Scape also reflected his interested in the street and underground culture, and his great passion in dance.  

Ground Zero’s philosophy is ‘Zero is the beginning of all, and the compromise of none”. “Zero is the beginning of all; for that, we will challenge ourselves to establish a brand with a strong identity of its own, providing a series of finest products in the apparel industry”. Ground Zero will have weekly launches of its limited edition lines with 20 pieces of shirts, and at most 10 pieces of hats, so as to enhance the exclusive factor. 

Besides the sale of SNRD eyewear, Ground Zero also brings in apparels such as AES from well-known Taiwanese Artist, Alien Huang, South Korean sports and leisure backpack, T-LEVEL, Italian branded watches, Vabene as well as Kams bracelet from a local designer.

The Taiwanese brand, AES, was established in 2008 by Taiwanese writer, show-host and singer Alien Huang otherwise known as Xiao Gui (黃鴻升), and carries very limited and rare male clothing and are known for the skull images as well as heavy metal and street culture influence. The apparels are extremely exclusive and rare – sometimes even only releasing one piece a week! 

T-Level (Technologic-level) is a Korean brand that designs backpacks and waist bags inspired by the diversity of urban lifestyle to project an urban attitude along with a unique individual charisma. It is designed to provide utmost comfort, functionality and practicality for its users while still keeping designs trendy and charismatic. 

Born from the brains of Giorgio Grimoldi, the Vabene brand is cultivated and refined with the family passion to create timepieces of brilliance and distinction. With each new collection Giorgio confirms his place among those rare aesthetic talents who repeatedly captures the spirit of the times while anticipating and incorporating just enough of the future to enthral a devoted clientele.

”Vabene embodies a funky, ironic, colourful and highly glamorous universe. The name reflects an approach to life that is typically Italian, one that runs through the entire project. Its basic values are those of design, innovation, creativity, sophistication, style and originality. Above all, fun!”  --- Giorgio Grimoldi

Adorned by celebrities, KAMS bracelet's signature is the big beady bracelet with the crystal studded charms...

Ground Zero is located in *Scape, right next to STAGE:

Ground Zero’s official opening will be held on 28th September at 2pm with the appearance of Alien Huang. Do drop by to check it out!


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