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Hi Huneybees,

Ever since my wedding, I've been hooked onto contact lenses. I have Astigmatism, so I always wear non-powered coloured contact lenses to enhance my eyes and also different colours for different moods and clothings.

I always think I have beautiful eyes and being an artist, I need my eyes to see to draw and paint, so I only get contact lenses from the optic shop (never never online!). Freshkon is one of the brands I will get, I've tried every of their series, FreshKon® Colors Fusion, FreshKon® Alluring Eyes, FreshKon® Mosaic and now comes the latest: FreshKon® Dezigner: Solitaire Series.

They always say, diamonds are a girl's best friend and now Freshkon lets every girl have their eyes bling like a diamond too! The new range of cosmetic contact lenses comes with a unique, groovy Solitaire pattern, that features a multi-faceted diamond cut design framing the iris and gives it a sassy, stunning look.

Solitaire is conceptualized to frame the iris in a multi-faceted diamond cut and comes in four stunning shades - Pink, Aqua, Orange and Green. They are set to appeal to confident young, creative and fashion-sassy women who take pride in being the centre of attraction as they shine with a “diamond” in each eye.

I know you guys are like me right? Always asking what shade there is and what is diameter of the lens, we just wana make our pupils look bigger, to have the doll-like effect eh? Here's a little specifications for you to check out.

    Optimal Comfort
    • 55% water content for optimal comfort
    • Hydrophilic surface for comfortable wear
    • Easy to fit, no curling lens problem
    Excellent vision
    • Large optical zone for clear vision
    • Wide power range from -0.00D to -10.00D

I received 2 sets from Freshkon, Pink and Green and I'm already in love with the star-shaped like, snow-flake like contact lenses! See how it looks when I put them on!

On the left is with contact lens and on the right is original pupil.
Close up on the eye without flash.

What I think about the lenses? Super cute! Get them now! I wore them out for almost a whole day, it still feels comfortable. I didn't have to drop any eye drops, my eyes felt moist all day. I must admit the enlarging effect is not so dramatic like those out there, where you can get online, but at least I feels safe wearing them, without the fear of going blind. I think this is good enough for me. With false lashes and some makeup, these lenses will definitely be enhanced further. See the picture below, I love the soft and sweetness I'm exuding! #buaypaiseh

Well, I would say give the lenses a try and I bet you will fall in love with them. I can't wait to try the green pair on. Do stay tuned for more updates on my other pair of Freshkon Dezigner contact lens!


FreshKon® Dezigner lenses is available at major optical stores recommended retail price of $27 per box/pair. For more information about the new lenses, please visit www.freshkon.com 

Promotion for Freshkon lenses:

1. FreshKon® Dezigner: Solitaire Series
Promotion offer is 2nd box at 50% off. Regular retail price: S$27 (Save S$13.50).

2. FreshKon® Colors Fusion
Promotion offer is 1 complimentary box and a funky lens case kit worth S$5 with each purchase of 3 boxes of FreshKon® Colors Fusion.  Regular retail price: S$25 (Save S$25)

3. FreshKon® Alluring Eyes
Promotion offer is 1 complimentary box and a FreshKon® CLEAR i starter kit worth S$3.50 with each purchase of 3 boxes of FreshKon® Alluring Eyes. Regular retail price: S$38 (Save S$38)

4.  FreshKon® Mosaic
Promotion offer is 2 boxes of FreshKon® Mosaic at S$50 and a free FreshKon® CLEAR i starter kit worth S$3.50. Regular retail price: S$38 (Save S$26)
Each box contains a pair of cosmetic contact lenses, for monthly usage.

*Promotion terms and conditions apply. Not valid with other discounts, vouchers, promotions and discount cards. While stocks last.


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