It's snowing in 313@Somerset !!!

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Hi Huneybees,

Singapore has always been warm and yes recently wet due to the sudden pouring rains, but never once snowed. For December this year, 313@Somerset replicated a unique winter landscape – complete with chills and thrills – in a specially constructed 313 Snow Dome in the atrium of the mall on Level 1 from 9 to 24 December .  

“The 313 Snow Dome is a first in Singapore and promises to deliver a real white Christmas, complete with snow, to our shoppers. We hope it will surprise and delight our shoppers and leave them with the fondest memories of Christmas! The unique landscape design of the Dome will incorporate our edgy, fashion-forward positioning, integrate the mall’s signature pink and purple colours and add a modern twist to a traditional Christmas setting”                                                    --------------Amy Lim, General Manager, 313@Somerset
After a brief presentation at Brotzeit, we proceeded to the Atrium to get dressed for -3°C.
Clothes and shoes sponsored by Winter Time.

Do read up on some terms and conditions before heading in.

Issac and I geared up, all excited to pop into the Snow Dome.

“My 313 Snow Dome Interior Design entry was inspired by the feeling of waking up to Christmas gifts during the magical Christmas period. The design is a depiction of a shopper’s paradise, with elements like heels and bags. I have supersized the elements to reflect the busy Christmas shopping season where shoppers get lost in the crowds and festive merriment, shoppers are reduced to miniature humans as the products become larger than life!
To know that I had the full support (and votes) of family and friends was the best part. Thanks to 313@somerset, Christmas came early for me this year!”------- Competition Winner Chen Weiyan, 23, recent graduate in Industrial Design from NUS

We picked up the ice, turned them into snowballs and threw them at each other. Posing for photos in the Snow Dome is amazing! Actually, it will be great for proposing, renewing vows in there? :)

If you are wondering how does the snow come about, they use cold water, undergo some refrigeration and gets processed as ground ice. And to keep the temperature going at -3°C, one refrigeration system will maintain the insulated base temperature and another system circulates the cold air through the dome. As the room is totally enclosed, the cold air is circulated by 2 high velocity Axial fans which ensures that the entire room temperature will be evenly spread, just like an air-conditioning system, except that it is operating at a lower temperature.

We were told to hold hands and walk towards the camera, we had that awkward moment for a while and then we were laughing super hard about it.

We have snow on our heads!

Everyday I'm "shoveling".

We went around snapping photos and that's when we were told we can go for Round 2 as the photographers wanted to snap more photos. Of course we jumped right into it!

Instead of pink, I opted for a grey outfit, pink/grey gloves this time to keep hands warm and a super cute pair of fringed black boots.

Basically, you can do anything in the dome. Go ahead and do a snow angel like Issac did!
A shot with the wonderful crew that helped us with our cameras (yes, they will be helping you to take photos).

We headed back to Brotzeit and we were greeted by the many dishes of food. Thank you Brotzeit and 313!

I know you guys are wondering how to get inside this dome of snow, so here is:
For every $200 spent at 313@somerset, shoppers are entitled to a pass into the 313 Snow Dome. Each child of 12 years or younger can enter the 313 Snow Dome when accompanied by an adult with a valid pass.

Join and for more information.


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